Mrs. Bagyalakshmi Muthan,

Worked as visiting scholar and research technician on freezing tolerance in plants, lipid trafficking and bioenergy projects in Michigan State University, MI, USA.

Recent Publications 
Bagyalakshmi Muthan, Rebecca Roston, John Froehlich, Christoph Benning 2013. Probing Arabidopsis chloroplast diacylglycerol pools by selectively targeting bacterial diacylglycerol kinase to suborganellar membranes. Plant Physiology, September 2013, Vol. 163, pp. 61–74.
Sanjaya, Rachel Miller, Timothy P. Durrett, Dylan K. Kosma, Bagyalakshmi Muthan, Abraham J.K. Koo, Gavin E. Reid, Gregg A. Howe, John Ohlrogge, and Christoph Benning (2013). Altered Lipid Compositio and Enhanced Nutritional Value of Arabidopsis Leaves Following Introduction of an Algal Diacylglycerol Acyltransferase 2. The Plan Cell, Vol. 25: 677–693.
Eric R. Moellering, Bagyalakshmi Muthan, Christoph Benning. 2010. Freezing Tolerance in Plants Requires Lipid Remodeling at the Outer Chloroplast   Membrane. Science 330, 226.
Changcheng Xu, Eric R. Moellering, Bagyalakshmi Muthan, Jilian Fan and Christoph Benning. 2010. Lipid Transport Mediated by Arabidopsis TGD Proteins is Unidirectional from the Endoplasmic Reticulum to the PlastidPlant Cell Physiol. 51(6): 1019–1028.

Mrs. BagyalakshmiMuthan,
Mrs. Bagyalakshmi Muthan,
M.Sc., M.Phil - Research Technician for AERS
Phone: (304) 414-4063
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