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Degree Specific Regalia 

Undergraduate Degrees:

Bachelor of Arts ~ Bachelor of Fine Arts ~ Bachelor of Science
  • Cap, Gown, Tassel Color of Major  (Honor cords and stoles if applicable) 

Graduate Degrees:

Master of Arts ~ Master of Education ~ Master of Public Administration ~ Master of Science
  • Cap, Gown (longer sleeves), Black Tassel, Hood Color of Degree
    • Graduates do not receive Latin honors as 3.0 is required, students inevitably have high GPAs
Degree/Major  Tassel Hood


B.A: Art, English, Interdisciplinary Studies, International Studies, History, Economics, Psychology, Political Science, Regents (RBA), Sociology White  N/A
B.F.A: Music Performance Brown N/A
B.S: Social Work  Citron  N/A
B.S: Business Administration Drab N/A
B.S: Education  Light Blue  N/A
B.S: Criminal Justice  Royal Blue N/A
B.S: Biology, Chemistry, Communications, Computer Science, Engineering, Health Science, Mathematics, Sport Studies Yellow  N/A
B.S: Nursing Apricot N/A


M.A: Media Studies  Black  White 
MEIL: Instructional Leadership Black Light Blue 
MPA: Public Administration Black  Peacock Blue
M.S: Criminal Justice Administration  Black Midnight Royal (Purple)
M.S: Sport Studies Black Sage
M.S: Biotechnology, Computer Science Black Yellow (Gold) 

**All Regalia must be issued or approved by the University for Ceremony exercises (see below)

HONOR CORDS - Latin honor cords are provided by the Office of the Registrar the week of finals, or the week prior to the ceremony, for those who qualify based on cumulative GPA at end of prior term.

Extra Curricular Regalia 
STOLES - If you are an athlete or belong to a university organization and have questions regarding availabliilty of extra curricular cords and stoles,  please contact your prospective University Organization Advisor if you believe you are eligible for such items.

Custom Stoles - NOT PERMITTED

Custom Stoles are not permitted under the policy stating all regalia must be approved by University, Official University Organizations, or Official Yellow Jacket Athletics. 

***Click here for "Rules & Policies" box on the opening page for Regalia related rules during the event. 

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