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All prospective graduates must pay a graduation application fee of $168, regardless of participation in commencement.

  • Fees will be applied once the application closes.

 The non-refundable fee is $168 and must be paid at the Cashier’s window, or through MyState.

If you do not qualify for your degree the semester in which you originally apply, you must submit a new application for graduation by the deadline in the semester that you will meet the requirements for your degree.

  • Applications do not roll to the next term.
  • If you have already paid your graduation fee, you will not need to pay another graduation fee to re-apply.
*An applied charge or payment of the fee (nor Ceremony participation) are conferrals of degree completion. 



All obligations to the institution must be satisfied prior to receipt of grades, transcripts and or diplomas.
Obligations include but are not limited to
  • Financial obligations or due balances to Cashiers
  • Library holds, books (equipment), or fines
  • Bookstore holds or rented textbooks
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