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MAster of science in sport studies

Beginning Fall 2018!

The MS in Sport Studies program will develop the professional knowledge skills and dispositions of Sport Studies candidates so that they may demonstrate the following programmatic objectives based on the NASPE National Standards for Athletic Coaches:
 1. Demonstrate coaches as a role model to athletes of all ages and diversities through study and practice of Sport Philosophy, law, ethics, teaching and proper writing and accurate oral communication skills.
2. Demonstrate knowledge of human growth and development from birth - death, kinesthetic learning theories and tactics and current coaching and training trends by planning physiologically and biomechanically correct practice and conditioning sessions that allow for proper progression of skill and that are safe and minimize the risk of injury.
3. Demonstrate knowledge and skill for understanding diverse athletic population and accommodating different learning styles and physical skill by planning, coaching and evaluating athletic performance and progression that include modifications that address these issues.
4. Exhibit knowledge of and abilities to create responsible and effective communities of sport learning and understanding by developing leadership and management frameworks that include criteria with specific attention to respect for other athletes, respect for the sport game, appreciation of diverse cultures, rules, abilities and talents, and awareness of the need for communication.
5. Demonstrate knowledge of and the psychomotor skill needed to perform proper fitness testing and assessment data analysis to afford the fitness community the optimal results based on their desired fitness goals.
6. Demonstrate the appropriate use of technology required in the discipline of exercise science and athletic coaching
7. Exhibit knowledge of what it means to be a member of the coaching/Athletic profession by demonstrating ethical practice within the profession, demonstrating proper oral and written communication skills, engaging in research within the profession, following professional performance regulations and participating in continual education to uphold the commitment to life-long learning
Core Phase Courses for the MS in Sports Studies Degree Program
HHP 500. Advanced Exercise Testing
HHP 510. Sport Psychology
HHP 533. Risk Management and Injury Prevention
HHP 537. Advanced Exercise Physiology
HHP 540. Sports Nutrition
HHP 550. Research Methods and Statistics in Physical Activity
HHP 560. West Virginia Sport History
Advanced Phase for the MS in Sports Studies Degree Program:

HHP 610. Tactical Strength and Conditioning         
HHP 620. Essentials of Strength and Conditioning
HHP 630. Strength and Conditioning
HHP 650. Internship in Sport Studies (6 Credit Hours) 
The WVSU Sports Studies Program will be committed to admitting students on a competitive basis. The applicants will be evaluated by a submitted portfolio containing the following criteria:
1. Academic Record  
          a. An undergraduate degree in Sports Studies or a related field 
          b. GPA – a minimum overall GPA of 2.5 on a 4 point scale for all undergraduate work from accredited                                  institution(s) with an MAT score of 350 or 
                    i. GPA of 2.4 and MAT score of 360 or 
                   ii. GPA of 2.3 and MAT score of 370 or 
                  iii. Exceptional expertise in the field of coaching/fitness/health/strength and conditioning as                                      demonstrated through an interview with the Graduate Studies Committee. 
          c. Successful TOEFL scores for those whose native language is not English. 

2. Resume/CV documenting successful professional experiences, commitment to community service and professional development. 

3. A personal statement indicating the applicant’s aspirations and reasons for pursuing the Master of Science in Sports Studies at WVSU. 

4. Two letters of recommendation attesting to the candidate’s professional and/or personal qualities.

Faculty & Staff

Matthew Bradley
Phone: (304) 766-3365
Jay Canterbury
Athletic Trainer/Instructor
Phone: (304) 766-3223
Dr. Aaron
Dr. Aaron  Settle
Chair & Professor, Director of Undergraduate & Graduate Sport Studies Programs
Phone: (304) 766-3367

Dr. Aaron  Settle 
Program Director of Sport Studies
N148 A
Phone: (304) 766-3367
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