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Participating in research is an integral part of the education of students in the sciences and related fields. Even the most well-planned and executed basic coursework and laboratory exercises only provide background information and fundamental skills necessary for work in the STEM fields. Ultimately, science is learned through actively participating in research. 
The Yellow Jackets UNITE Summer Research Experience program combines five Saturday trainings (Jan 15, Feb 12, March 19, April 9 and May 21 2022) with a five-week summer research experience for underrepresented or underserved minority high school students (June 20-July 29 2022). Eighteen students will gain skills in exploring scientific literature, developing, troubleshooting and executing experimental protocols, analyzing data and presenting their results to others.  
Yellow Jackets UNITE is also designed to foster interaction among the student participants as well as with current undergraduate and graduate students, faculty and other research professionals. Research projects for the students are proposed by the individual faculty members based on the faculty research interests and expertise. These interests cover a broad range, including plant genomics and genetics, ecology, chemical synthesis, chemical analysis of the environment, storm water management, plant development, parasitology, aquaculture and bioenergy.
Applicants must be highly motivated with a desire to pursue a career in a STEM field. To apply complete the online application form, which will require contact information for a person to recommend the student for enrollment into the program.


If you are a current undergraduate STEM student at WVSU who is interested in being a mentor for the Yellow Jackets UNITE program, please fill out this online Undergraduate Mentors for Yellow Jackets UNITE application form.

For additional information, contact:

Dr. Micheal Fultz
Professor and Chair of the Department of Chemistry
(304) 766-3106
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