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Caps, Gowns, Tassel, Hoods, Honor Cords
Regalia is an important piece of graduation. 
**Our new Regalia order process was designed to better serve our students. 

If you wish to receive Regalia you must order your personal Regalia to size and degree customization in the provided link.
  •  Please see details within the Graduation Application. The link will be in the confirmation page.
  • ​*We must receive an application in order to graduate and or receive Regalia.

This new process allows students more accurate fittings and flexibility with available shipping to your door. Please enter correct height and weight to ensure proper fitting

*There is no cost of standard Regalia, see below
  • Students are permitted One (1)Standard Regalia package, any additional Regalia ordered will be billed to your account.
  • Dual degree/major students can pick up an extra tassel available at the bookstore, the week of finals, leading to the ceremony.

Just click the link the confirmation message of the graduation application and choose "Graduation Caps and Gowns"
  • Regalia & standard shipping to the Bookstore is included and comes neatly packaged specific for you. Just select "Student Ship to Bookstore 2022"
  • We do now offer "Homeship," however there is an additional cost of shipping for direct delivery to your door. "Student Homeship 2022"
  • See below deadlines below for pricing information

03/31/2022- Student Ship to Bookstore cut off Thursday, March 31st, 2022  (FREE)
04/21/2022- Student "Homeship" cut off Thursday, April 21st ($13.75 Shipping + Tax)
03/31/2022- Faculty Rental cut off Thursday, March 31st (All applicable charges & fees)

All orders MUST be completed before the order Deadlines above. 
  • The deadline is outside the University's control and is dependent on the length of time Caps, Gowns and other Regalia items take to make, and ship.

    • Regalia must be worn to participate in the Ceremony

*Regalia shipped to the Bookstore will be available for pick up the week of finals leading up to the ceremony. 

Please review Regalia Rules as well as proper Degree/Major Regalia items and colors below.
  • You can also click below to order Announcements, Rings or Diploma frames from our Josten's Partners - Click here for Special Promo Codes 
  • You can also find the Diploma dimensions for frames at the right of this page.
Honor Cord information is also to the top right of this page. 

Faculty needing Regalia may click the link below for rentals. (see Deadline above) 

For Information on Regalia Rules and Policies, including decorations please see
 Rules & Policies Section or click here

*Diplomas Dimensions 

Undergraduate 8.5 x 11 Landscape 
Graduate 14 x 11 Landscape 


Undergraduate students meeting minimum qualifications of latin honor, cum laude (3.25 GPA) and above, will receive an honor cord. 

Honor cords can be picked up in the Office of the Registrar the week of finals leading into the ceremony.
The office is located in 128 Ferrell Hall  M-F 8:30 to 5pm

For more information on latin honor qualifications please refer back to the Requirements and Policies box or click here

*Graduate level students are required to maintain a 3.0, as such, have inevitably high GPA's.
Therefore graduate level students are not qualified for honors.
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