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Research and Public Service

The Research and Public Service (RPS) administrative area provides leadership in developing, promoting and advancing research and public service programs, activities and initiatives. RPS is also responsible for research administration, including the establishment and implementation of research policies and procedures, facilitation and stimulation of research productivity, and compliance with federal, state and local regulations. This is done through a comprehensive and robust research program that provides hands-on learning opportunities for students.
In addition, the Office promotes the University’s public service mission by applying the knowledge of the University to the state's evolving economic, social, technological and community needs, and thus increasing the quality of life for the citizens of West Virginia.

Learn more about our various Research and Public Service iniatives throughout the website.

Our Team

Jose Ulises
Jose Ulises Toledo, Ph.D.
Vice President for Research and Public Service
(304) 766-4290
Ami Smith, Ph.D.
Associate Vice President for Public Service and Director of Extension
(304) 204-4305
Jaime Rinehart
Executive Administrative Assistant
(304) 204-4066
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