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Ceremony Instruction & Policies


General Rules & Guidelines

  • Be sure your Regalia follows rules and guidelines as prescribed here 
  • ​Be sure you have all applicable Regalia items viewed here before arriving.
  • Please do not bring any items with you for line up, including but not limited to bags, umbrellas, and purses.

    •  **There is no storage and no way to lock your belongings and can NOT be with you during the ceremony and or on stage. 

  • You must arrive 1 hour and 15 minutes prior to the start of the ceremony, this is critical to participation flow and organizing line placements.
  • You must report directly to the Mark Cardwell Court (Fleming Hall- Upstairs Gym)
  • Please ensure all cell phones are OFF/MUTE upon arrival.

Gym Room Directions  

  1. Check in at the table to receive your name card* with your degree information.

    1. Ensure all name and degree information is correct, this is what the Registrar will read before you walk on stage. 

    2. If you have concerns about proper name pronunciations, please see the Registrar.

    3. *card must be with you at all times

  2. On the card you will notice a number in the top right corner, this is your place in line

  3. Follow signs to find your place in the line up.

    1.  Please remain in your place to reduce confusion and ensure timely line up procedures. 

    2. Undergraduate tassels start on the right side 

    3. Graduate hoods should not be worn at start, but draped on the left arm as demonstrated in the top right image of this page

      1.  Graduates’ black tassels start on the left, to signify a previous degree. 

      2. Hoods and Tassel = left


Ceremony Procession Guide 


  • No external items; bags, umbrellas, purses etc. of any size are permitted. 

  • As the ceremony start time nears: 

    •  All students will be led by ushers and will follow the procession line to your seats.  

    • Ushers will motion for the appropriate row of students at the correct time to stand and proceed toward the stage. 

      • Please continue to pay close attention to all stage directions, we will guide you through.

    • Be sure you have your card in hand at all times as you approach the stage.

    • When you reach the podium, give your card to the Registrar, to be read aloud just before you enter the stage.

    • You will be greeted by the Dean of your College,

      • Graduate students will hold out your left arm to present your hood. You will then turn to face the audience while you are being hooded. 

      • All students will take the degree cover with the left hand and shake with the right hand. 

    • You will then turn to walk toward the President, 

      • You will turn to the audience for a handshake and picture with the President, before exiting the stage. 

    • After exiting the stage you will be directed to the photo booth to have your professional picture taken. 

    • You will then be directed back to your seat. 




*West Virginia State University is not responsible for lost or stolen items. 
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