Dr. Mehdi Seyedmonir

 Dr. Mehdi Seyedmonir received his doctorate in Educational Psychology from West Virginia University and is currently a professor of psychology at West Virginia State University.  His primary teaching responsibilities, at both undergraduate and graduate level, have included general psychology, developmental psychology, learning and memory, statistics, research methods, and educational psychology.
Dr. Mehdi’s research interests are in the areas of conceptual change, self-directed learning and behavioral change, learning strategies and problem solving, and efficacy of technology-enhanced learning and instructional approaches.
Dr. Seyedmonir, and his co-principal investigators, were awarded a major multi-year grant from the US Department of Agriculture (USDA) and National Institute of Food and Agriculture (NIFA) for an interdisciplinary research program in the area of online learning and developing instructional resources for online learning and teaching in the STEM areas.  Additionally, this interdisciplinary team has been conducting research into the efficacy of flipped classroom models on conceptual understanding of biology as well as psychological content and on how best to use virtual laboratories to support the development of physical lab skills.  Currently, Dr. Mehdi is establishing an undergraduate psychological research lab and program that will provide an ongoing opportunities for undergraduate psychology majors to gain advanced research experiences in several research areas.
Dr. Mehdi has presented several research articles in regional and national conferences and published in peer-reviewed journals.  Additionally, he has served as reviewer/consulting editor for several journals and conferences including Journal of Experimental Education.  He has served as consultant and/or independent evaluator as well as invited workshop presenter for various agencies, schools, and businesses across the state. 
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