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After Reviewing the request for propsal, please submit any  questions you may have to skilesse@wvstateu.edu.

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 From October 13-18, 2011

    1. Are the HPC system and Viz-Wall connected or separate devices? If so, how?

    They can be in connected or separated cabinets located next to one another. The video screen will be separated within cable length limitations (please specify). The supporting electronics will be connected via Ethernet or Infiniband. HPC and Viz-Wall components may share cabinet (s). The connections are to be specified and furnished by the vendor.

      2. Do you want the HPC computers and the Viz-Wall computers mounted in the same rack?

      They can be. It’s up to the vendor to specify.

        3. How far will the Viz-Wall computers be from the Monitor Wall?

        They will be in the same room. A nominal distance is twenty-five feet. The vendor must specify the cabling limitations.

          4. Do you want a Rack or Cabinet?

          We are expecting rack enclosure cabinets. The vendor will specify.

            5. What size Rack or Cabinet?

            The vendor will specify his best solution.

              6. What is the power available for the Computers and Monitors?

              Sufficient 110 and 220/208 Vac 60 Hz power is available. Vendor will specify power requirements.

                7. What resolution do you want the Viz-Wall to support?

                High Definition Monitors are a minimum. We desire the highest resolution that can be provided compatible with value.

                  8. Do you want 24TB of useable storage in the head node or raw storage?

                  We view the 24TB being in the head node but accessible by all nodes.

                  9. Do you want the head node to be a blade also?

                  That is our preference.

                    10. Regarding the compute nodes, will WVSU consider 5U rack mount chassis for these?


                      11. For the UPS, is just the head node to be on this, or does WVSU expect the entire cluster (not including Viz-Wall components, as they will be located elsewhere) to be on the UPS?

                      The objective is to protect system hardware and hard disk files in the event of power problems as well as allowing the head node to write critical data to its hard drives in an orderly shutdown. If the compute nodes and particularly their hard drives, will survive electrical spiking such as often accompanies thunderstorms so that they can be rebooted- then they will not require a UPS.

                        12. For the software, if either RedHat Enterprise Linux or CentOS is used, then Rocks+ is not necessary. We only recommend using that if Rocks is the underlying cluster software.

                        The Rocks+ cluster OS was specified to take advantage of the Rocks Visualization Roll on the Viz-Wall System and meant to be only installed on the Viz-Wall System. If the vendor is satisfied that RH Enterprise or Centos will provide comparable visualization features, he may choose to submit his proposal without Rocks+. The vendor has the flexibility to submit what he considers the best overall solution in his proposal.

                          13. Is there room in the data center for two rack cabinets?


                            14. Where will the Viz-Wall go in respect to the physical location of the cluster? Here we’re trying to determine if the machine driving the Viz-Wall can go into the racks with the cluster, or if it is to be placed in closer proximity to it.

                            The Viz-Wall will go in the same room as the cluster. The vendor must specify the video cabling limitations.



                            Question 8 (above) is being further clarified as follows:

                            8.Do you want 24TB of useable storage in the head node or raw storage?

                            The storage requirements for the head node are 24TB raw (unformatted) storage.


                            Questions and Answers From October 19-27, 2011

                              15. Which bldg(s) at WV State will the equipment be installed? Any existing hardware (ie: Networking) that will/can be re-used or are you expecting all needed hardware to be provided by vendor?

                              All equipment will be installed in the Drain-Jordan Library (at specified location). All needed hardware is to be provided by the vendor.

                                16. Requirement (#2e) – Is a KVM acceptable to be used as the ( Monitor, keyboard, touchpad, DVD and USB ) ?

                                Vendors have the flexibility to provide their solutions to integrating these items into the system. If a KVM is used, it should have a flat panel based monitor, active electronic switches, robustness, the ability to participate in operating system installation, and not significantly degrade HPC performance.

                                  17. Requirement (#7) – Can the software installation for the Viz Wall and Cluster be performed as a service onsite?

                                  WVSU prefers the software installation be done prior to delivery for a plug-in and go package. If this is not possible, the vendor will install the software within no less than a week after delivery. The use of a third party to do the software installation is discouraged.

                                    18. Requirement (#8) – Can you please elaborate what you mean by all hardware be air cooled via vendor integrated fan units?

                                    This means that all components are to be adequately air cooled, as opposed to water or other liquid cooling.

                                      19. Requirement (#9) – Is Next Business day the WVSU requirement in lieu of Mission Critical 4 hour support?

                                      Yes. For hardware support we allow 1-2 days. But the vendor should specify his response policy toward general phone and email support.

                                        20. Requirement (#10) – Do you want the UPS to shut down just the head node and storage or all the nodes (including compute nodes)?

                                        The UPS will notify the head node of impending battery depletion in ample time to perform an orderly shutdown. The vendor will use his/her judgment on the robustness of the compute nodes to survive power fluctuations (that is to be rebootable) to decide whether or not to put the compute nodes on UPS power.

                                          21. For the Viz-Wall, are you looking to display one big picture on the monitors, or do you need the ability to control each monitor separately (which would require additional viz machines)?

                                          Being able to display just one big picture at a time would be sufficient. Future expansion capabilities of this display are expected and should be allowed in the proposed solution, if applicable/viable.

                                            22. What is the acceptable "gap" between monitors in the 2x2 design? Standard is 1" border between picture and monitor edge, which yields 2" gap between pictures. There are some with only 5mm borders, but these are considerably more expensive.

                                            A 2" gap is acceptable.

                                              23. What is the physical size of the display required?

                                              An overall 90" display screen diagonal is the minimum.


                                              : Due to the ubiquitous nature of these products and associated services, no preference will be given in the selection process to local or in-state vendors; however, service efficiencies resulting from geographical vendor location may be favorably looked upon.


                                              THE DEADLINE FOR PROPOSAL SUBMISSION IS BEING EXTENDED TO WEDNESDAY, NOVEMBER 9, 2011 BY 4:00 PM EST.

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