WVSU Honors Employees For Their Years of Service



Heading the list with 35 years of service is:  Dr. Bonnie Dean, Professor of Biology.


Those with 30 years are:

Mrs. Patricia Shafer, Special Assistant for Finance and Advising, Academic Affairs

Mrs. Karleen Slaughter, Office Administrator, Administrative Services


Being Honored for 25 years are:


Mr. Timothy Alderman, Associate Professor, English

Mr. Alva Carter, Lieutenant Supervisor, Public Safety

Mr. Steve Gilliland, Assistant Professor, Communications

Mr. Edward Green, Lead Campus Service Worker, Physical Facitilies

Mr. Todd Griffith, Director, Photographic Services 

Mr. Charles "Tom" Hunt, Lead Electrician, Physical Facilities

Mr. Terry Knuckles, Trades Specialist, Physical Facilities

Dr. Tayoba Ngenge, Associate Professor, English

Mr.William Porterfield, Campus Police Officer Supervisor, Public Safety

Ms. Deborah Wells, Associate Librarian, Drain Jordan Library



Celebrating 20 years at WVSU are:


Mr.Charles Bledsoe, Trades Specialist , Physical Facilities

Dr. Robin Broughton, Professor, Communications and Media Studies

Ms. Brenda Camp, Administrative Secretary, Military Science

Ms. D. Lynn Davis, Program Assistant, Music and Art

Mrs. Mary Flores, Administrative Assistant, Finance

Dr. Barbara Ladner, Dean, Arts and Humanities

Ms. Sandhya Maharaj, Program Administrator Sr., Career Services/Cooperative Ed

Mrs. Lillian Mills, Financial Aid Counselor, Student Financial Assistance 

Mr. Joseph Oden, Jr., Assistant Vice President, Student Affairs

Dr. Joan Randall, Associate Professor, English

Mr. Lee Ross (posthumously) , Assistant Supervisor, Campus Services

Mrs. Terri Sherrod, Assistant to the President/Office Manager

Mr. Howard Shingleton, Trades Specialist, Physical Facilities

Mr. Mark Shuff, Lead Trades Worker, Physical Facilities

Mr. Marvin Smith, Assistant Director, Physical Facilities

Being recognized for 15 years of service are:


Mrs. Deborah Boggess, Financial Aid Counselor, Financial Assistance

Mr. David Bragg, Campus Service Worker, Physical Facilities

Mrs. Rita Brown, Associate Professor, Social Work

Mr. Stephen Dean, Trades Specialist, Physical Facilities

Mr. Robert Huston, Director, Computer Services

Ms. Patricia King, Assistant Professor, Health and Human Performance

Mrs. Angela Kushner, Accounting Assistant, Fiscal Affairs

Mr. William Landers, Campus Service Worker, Physical Facilities

Mr. Earl Monroe, Head Football Coach

Mr. Eugene Stowers, Associate Director, Computer Services

Dr. Carolyn Sturgeon, Associate Professor, English

Dr. Carol Taylor-Johnson, Associate Professor, English

Ms. Krystal Tolliver, Director Upward Bound Math and Science

Dr. Xiaohong Zhang, Associate Professor, Mathematics


Those who have reached 10 years at West Virginia State University are:


Dr. Michael Anderson, Professor, Mathematics

Mrs. Kelly C. Blunden, Accounts Specialist, WVSU R & D Corp.

Ms. Carla Boggess, Payroll Benefits Specialist, WVSU R & D Corp

Mr. Larry Conn, Campus Service Worker, Physical Facilities

Mr. Graydon Duffield, Information Systems Specialist, Computer Services

Mr. Basra Fakhir, Campus Police Investigator, Public Safety

Dr. Richard Ford, Associate Professor and Chair, Biology

Mr. Brett Fox, Telecommunications Specialist, Computer Services

Mr. Mark Fuller, Communications Production Specialist, Title III

Dr. Barbara Liedl, Associate Research Professor, Gus R. Douglass Institute

Prof. Susan Marrash-Minnerly, Professor, Communications

Dr. Paula McCoy, Associate Professor, Psychology

Mrs. Kathy Smith, Administrative Secretary, History, Political Science, Sociology, Modern Foreign Languages

Ms. Krystal Smith, Program Leader for Family and Consumer Services, Gus R. Douglass Institute

Jeanie Sutphin, Administrative Secretary, Gus R. Douglass Institute

Ms. Robin Tabor, Counselor, Collegiate Support and Counseling

Ms. Deanna Taylor, Administrative Assistant, Academic Affairs

Ms. Jacquelyn Tyree, Secretary/Graphic Artist, Printing Services


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