March 4 Faculty Lecture: A Monograph on the Phyllobothriidae


"A monograph of the Phyllobothriidae has been completed.  A taxonomic history of the family is provided.  Of the 75 genera historically associated with the family, only Phyllobothrium is an unambiguous member of the family.  Eighteen other cestode genera are considered provisional members of the family.  Seventeen genera are considered valid or provisional members of the recently erected order Rhinebothriidea.  Two phyllobothriid genera have been allocated to the family Serendipidae.  A set of criteria were consistently used to determine the taxonomic status of the remaining 38 problematic phyllobothriid genera. Of these remaining 38 genera, five are considered nomina dubia, 12 are considered genera inquirendae, and eight are synonyms of other genera.  Thirteen other valid genera are considered of uncertain familial placement with respect to the Phyllobothriidae.  More recent work on species in the family will also be presented.  A better understandiing of the phylogenetic relationships of the phyllobothriid genera is needed before the family can be fully revised."


Faculty Lectures are held every Thursday at the Noon hour (12:30 p.m. - 1:25 p.m.) in 103 Davis Fine Arts  

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