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Hannah Mazon

Hannah Mazon smiling in lab with booksHannah Mazon’s start toward a biology degree began with an entirely different goal in mind. The hopeful veterinarian was eyeing other academic opportunities when a tour of the WVSU campus changed her path - at first temporarily.
“I fell in love with campus, so I enrolled and planned to transfer after freshman year. Once I got into the classroom, however, I enjoyed it even more than I thought I would, so I stayed.”
A scholarship opportunity with the USDA has allowed Hannah to broaden her horizons even further. She’s spending her summers living in Iowa and working at the National Animal Disease Center, researching the transmission of E. coli between cattle and humans and volunteering on a horse farm.
“We are looking at how farmers can decrease the spread of E. coli on farms and in pastures, so a lot of what we do in the lab is being applied hands-on for farmers who might not have the scientific background.”
Discovering a love of research has certainly broadened Hannah’s skillset, as well as her collegiate experience, if not her ultimate goal.
“The scholarship and being here at WVSU has provided a great opportunity to expand my interests. I love being in the lab and doing research, but my passion still lies in veterinary medicine.”
When she graduates from WVSU with a bachelor’s degree in biology, Hannah still plans to pursue a degree in veterinary medicine, and encourages other Yellow Jackets to explore opportunities that may lie outside their initial goals.
“Try things you’re not qualified for,” she says to other students. “That sounds like weird advice, but I applied for a program that I didn’t feel I had a chance of being accepted for, and it’s led to one of the best experiences of my life.”

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