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Purchasing and budget accounting

The mission of the Purchasing Office is to procure goods and services that sustain, foster and support the educational and research missions of West Virginia State University.

The Purchasing Office is responsible for procuring goods, services and commodities for the University in a prompt, efficient, effective and compliant manner, and in compliance with West Virginia State Code, West Virginia State University Board of Governors and current West Virginia Higher Education Policy Commission purchasing regulations. The Purchasing Office works within the boundaries of the profession to continuously seek innovative and effective processes that facilitate the acquisition process.
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The Purchasing Budget and Accounts Office also administers the State of West Virginia Purchasing Card Program (P-Card). The P-Card is the preferred method of payment providing an effecient and effective process for the payment of University expenditures which provides an opportunity for the University to streamline business practices. The P-Card effectively decreases accounts payable expenses, cuts administrative program costs, and offers increased control and monitoring of payments.

Our Team

Peter Smith
(304) 204-4056
Terri Frye
Accountant Senior
(304) 766-3007
Annette  Good
Accountant Senior
(304) 766-3009
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