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From the pop-up Planetarium to dissecting dinosaur coprolite (a.k.a. fake fossilized poop), Logan STEAM (Science, Technology, Engieering, Arts and Math) encourages hands-on experiences with the aim of creating positive interactions that build the foundation for future success. 
Logan STEAM is a partnership between Logan County elementary and middle schools and WVSU 4-H. The program supports teachers in the classroom as well as after school programs,  library reading programs, and other community projects. Through the sponsorship, WVSU 4-H has been able to help build gardens, offer school-wide STEAM Days, support classroom interactions by providing materials such as owl pellets and science fair presentation boards, and offer the StarLab to investigate space at local libraries. 
Are you a Logan County educator interested in being part of the program? Contact WVSU Extension Agent Tabitha Surface to explore the possibilities!
(m) 304-543-7432 | (p) 304-204-4022
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