Steps -2-success

Student Success Skills Program
Students with Executive Function Issues

Concerned about the transition to college?
Feeling overwhelmed with school? Work? Life?
Have problems with procrastination?  Time management? Organization? 
Never learned how to study? Take notes? Effectively read a textbook? 
Want to take charge of your own life?

When a person’s experiences issues with executive functions, they have trouble

scheduling, and
completing tasks.

People with these issues commonly lack the ability to

handle frustration,
start and finish tasks,
recall and follow multi-step directions,
stay on track,
self monitor, and
balance priorities.

Program Description

Addressing the area(s) of deficit is key to handling academic or occupational difficulties.  Students with executive function issues who want to develop skills for self-management of the academic, personal and career aspects of their life will find Steps-2-Success (S2S) offers just such an opportunity. 

This program provides tools and resources for students to smooth the initial or the on-going transition to college.  It also can help them develop the independence, self-confidence and skills for academic and career success. 

Using systems, many designed by and for individuals with ADHD or a learning disability, the program strives to provide better academic and career results in less time. 

S2S will include -
  • Information, resources, and activities to develop/increase college and career success skills
  • Assessment and consultation
  • Mentoring/Peer Relationships
  • Free use of technology during program including an iPad and Apple Pencil, smartpen and software programs.

How to participate


The program is specifically designed for students experiencing issues related to executive function deficits and is limited to 15 students.  All students interested in participating will need to - 
  1. submit a program application available online by clicking here
  2. take the screening assessments:
  3. meet with the program facilitator (schedule an appointment at



There are no participation fees for the program (
similar programs can cost $1800 - $4000 a semester at other institutions),


Supplies required will replace what students would already use; instead of several folders and notebooks, students will be expected to purchase the study skills binder supplies (approximately $38-50) a list of which is available by clicking here


The program has selected the software app for students  but you may like the books for reference as you work to apply strategies. If you also want a printed copy of the study skills workbook ($29.99), you will find it by clicking here.

You may also find it beneficial to join the Attention Deficit Disorder Association which provides access to their library including years of articles, white papers and Webinar recordings. Everything you need to know about adult ADHD is available to you in the archives featuring the top Adult ADHD experts in the field today.
You also get access to their live Webinar programs exclusively for adults with ADHD. Experts on adult ADHD present the latest news, strategies and discoveries you need to know.  All of this for only $20 per year.  Find information about joining by clicking here.



Students will be able to:
  • Apply concepts covered in this program to your own careers (academic and occupational)
  • Build personal strategies and skills for academic and career success.
  • Assess and articulate your own learning and career management strategies, strengths and areas of improvement
  • Develop confidence in your ability to succeed as a student at WVSU


  • Define short and long term goals and design an action plan for goal achievement
  • Summarize your academic and career preferences and strengths
  • Select, monitor and evaluate effective study strategies related to to:
    • Time management
    • Organization
    • Communication
    • Self-Management

contact information

Michael Casey, MS, CRC, CDF, LCAS, AADC
Program Facilitator 
Office – 123 Sullivan Hall East (Hours – M-F, 8:30am-5:00pm)
Email –
Phone – (304) 766-3083
Text – (618) 533-0850
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