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SUMMER 2020 early enrollment online classes

Open Enrollment 1/15/20-1/22/20
COMM 100. Speech Communication A practical humanistic approach to interpersonal, small group and public communications. Focus is on the communicative event and its context with special emphasis on communication principles and skills.

COMM 140. Film Appreciation An introduction to the basic technical and aesthetic elements of the art of film. The class will examine the nature of cinema and its relation to our culture and our lives through analysis of its many components.

ENGL 101. English Composition I This course emphasizes writing and reading as elements of active learning and critical thinking. Prerequisite(s): ACT English score of 18 or above (or SAT equivalent score) or a grade of C in a developmental writing course. Must be completed within the first 60 hours of college credit.

ENGL 102. English Composition II This course primarily focuses on the research writing process for a broad academic community. It covers basic research inquiry, use of the library with electronic and non-electronic sources and techniques of formal writing. Attention is given to argumentation and critical thinking skills. Prerequisite(s): ENGL101. Must be completed within the first 60 hours of college credit. 
ENGL 150. Introduction to Literature A study of poetry, fiction and drama. The course stresses basic themes and formal elements found in literature. Prerequisite(s): ENGL 101 placement.
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