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Yellow Jacket Connection Dual Credit Program

If you are a qualified high school student, you can start working on your West Virginia State University degree while you are still in high school with our YJC dual credit program. If that idea excites you, you are the type of person we designed this program to serve. It may sound too good to be true, but there really are courses that satisfy requirements for earning both your high school diploma and your college degree, taught in your high school, during the regular school day, by qualified high school teachers and adjunct professors.

West Virginia State University is pleased to announce our YJC tuition has been lowered from $84 to $25 per credit hour. Our goal in adopting this new policy is, not only to boost Yellow Jacket Connection at WVSU, but also to place college credit well within reach of high school students, who will be provided the opportunity to enroll in more than one class simultaneously. 

YJC students can view our catalog online, 2016-17-Catalog. The catalog lists course descriptions as well as course prerequisites of the university. WVSU is a member of NACEP (National Alliance of Concurrent Enrollment Partnerships) and is applying for accreditation in the upcoming academic year. Check back soon for more information about our accreditation process and how we are meeting NACEP's standards.
Former YJC student now a full-time freshman at WVSU.

“Enrolling in college classes as a senior in high school was one of the smartest decisions I’ve ever made. Taking those classes allowed me to get a “feel” for college level work and how my life outside the classroom would change as well. Unlike high school, college classes require an added amount of time to study and review beyond what I could learn during class hours. I had to actually make time outside of class to study the material presented in class. Now as a college freshman, I am very thankful I took advantage of the opportunity placed before me as a high school student. It has made my freshman year a lot easier to navigate and I can lead and assist many of my classmates that did not have the same chance I did.”  -  KaShawna Forté

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