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Welcome to the department of Psychology!

As psychology is an ever more technical field, the program strives to expand computer facilities and increase opportunities for students to gain necessary experience in this area. Courses will continue to be updated to reflect new information, particularly in the biological areas of the discipline. Other areas, including those in the social sciences, social work, and nursing, will continue to profit from the expertise of psychology as it relates to their disciplines.  

Our program continues to attract quality students through its qualified instructors, challenging courses, and modern facilities. Our small faculty-to-student ratio contributes to an intimate learning atmosphere that is furthered by a group of dedicated, accessible faculty. Classes are conveniently scheduled to accommodate the wide variety of students that our program attracts. The West Virginia State University psychology program will continue its efforts to provide proper instruction, on all levels, to those who seek our knowledge, advice, and guidance.

The Psychology Program of West Virginia State University serves varied purposes for its diverse clientele. For those students seeking training for professions in the field, we strive to present the necessary information, skills, and experience to prepare them for graduate school, careers, or both. For those students in our service courses, our goals are to present a balanced, comprehensive view of psychology as a legitimate area of science, while likewise emphasizing the practical importance of the subject matter in their daily lives.

In addition to scholarship, the program continues to maintain an active research profile, a referral service for those students in need of counseling, advising to all students interested in careers in the field, recognition of academic excellence through the departmental honor society, and an active voice in community service through off-campus classes and public speaking engagements.

Bachelor of Arts in Psychology
120 hours required for graduation  

  • General Education - 39-41 Hours Major - 45 Hours
  • PSYC 151, 175, 200, 315, 390, 412
    • Two courses from: PSYC 303, 306, 309, 310, 320, 325, 330
    • Two courses from: PSYC 245, 300, 304, 307, 308, 312, 330, 404
    • Two courses from: PSYC 207, 215, 301, 330, 335, 340, 398, 400, 401
    • Three additional courses from any of the above groups  
  • Electives To bring total to 120 hours  

Minor in Psychology - 15-16 Hours

  • PSYC 151
  • Take the remaining 12 hours from any 2 of the 3 following groups.
    • Group One: 303, 306*, 309, 310, 320*, 325*, 330*, 200
    • Group Two: 245, 290, 300, 307*, 308, 312, 330, 200
    • Group Three: 207, 215, 301, 335, 340, 398*, 401, 330, 200.  

*If Statistics for the Social Sciences (PSYC 200) is a pre-requisite for any of the above listed courses, the student must take PSYC 200 first. 

Faculty & Staff

Dr. Charles
Dr. Charles Perdue
Chair of Psychology & Sociology/ Professor
Phone: (304) 766-3271
Dr. Manashi
Dr. Manashi Ray
Professor of Sociology, Program Chair
students in psychology lecture
Dr. Charles
Dr. Charles Perdue
Chair of Psychology & Sociology/ Professor
123 Hill Hall
Phone: (304) 766-3271
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