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Cedrick Farmer, CLASS OF 2019

Cedrick Farmer smilingCedrick Farmer isn’t sure how many of his family members got their state at STATE, he just knows he’s a legacy.
“I’ll have to ask my grandmother,” says the Music Performance major, “because it's a lot.”
The Dunbar native and current Mr. State is simply the latest in a long line of Yellow Jackets. 
“I grew up on this campus,” he says fondly. “I’ve seen it get better and better. Now, being here as a student, I’ve been able to see and even help with the progress.”
In his role as Mr. State, Cedrick is, in a sense, the face of the WVSU student body and, in his words, a voice for them, as well.
And using his voice is something he knows a lot about. A performer since the age of 5, Cedrick has been using his big voice for years, both on campus and in the community. He has starred in several local theater productions, including a 2018 starring turn as Sebastian in the Charleston Light Opera Guild’s production of “The Little Mermaid.” On campus, he has performed during Homecoming and the Black History Month convocation, for everyone from his fellow students to legendary alums like Katherine Johnson. He credits his time at STATE for furthering his vocal talent.
“When I came to the University, my talent was at a standstill, but between coursework and working with a vocal coach, my progression has rapidly increased over the last two years,” he says. “My experience has taught me to be more responsible and attentive to my needs and to other people’s, as well.”
He points to STATE’s family atmosphere for nurturing that sense of duty to help other people. “I’ve noticed that the ‘State Family’ motto is really true, and I should use my experiences to be there for others who might need some help along their way.”
After graduating in 2019, he plans to move to Boston to begin auditioning for roles in musical theater, with New York - and the Broadway stage - well in his sights.
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