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Angelica Willis, Class of 2019

Angelica Willis smiling with microphoneCommunications major Angelica Willis wears a lot of hats and, in some cases, crowns.

The recently crowned Miss State for 2018-2019 is making the most of her time at West Virginia State, with active involvement in the National Broadcasting Society, the International Student Association, the Pinnacle Honor Society and working in the communications and marketing office. 

In her late 20s, she is slightly outside the “traditional” college student age range and has learned, she says, to appreciate the opportunities placed before her.

“What I like about STATE is that you can really get involved and make a difference,” she says. “I want to make the most of every chance I’m given, and I’m at the age where I can really appreciate how special such chances can be.”

A legacy at STATE, her parents met on campus and her grandmother was an employee for 20 years. 

“Before she passed away last year, my grandmother told me it was my turn,” Angelica says. “Going to 16 different schools growing up, I could never really call a place ‘home,’ until now. I’m going to educate myself and continue their voices at STATE.”

Helping people find their voice is driving her career passion as well. A budding filmmaker, her goal is to become an independent documentarian. “I like to give people voices who don’t feel like they have one. STATE is allowing me to be who I want to be and not trying to put a filter on me. I can connect with professors who make me better and stronger at what I want to do.”

After graduation, she plans to travel and explore the needs and wants of different cultures. She is currently writing, producing and directing a film about Hurricane Maria’s effects on her family’s native Puerto Rico.
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