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What is the Fellow Jacket Program?
The Fellow Jacket Program is a fun program that will give participating employees a chance to get to know other employees across campus that participate in the program. The Fellow Jacket Program will follow the same guidelines of the “Secret Friend” or “Secret Sister” programs. All University, R&D Corporation, and WVSU Foundation employees are invited to participate. If you participate you will draw a name and that employee becomes your Fellow Jacket or “secret friend” for a year and then, after a year, we will announce each person’s secret Fellow Jacket. After the year, if you want to continue to participate in the Fellow Jacket program (which I hope you do), we will re-draw names.

Remember that your Fellow Jacket doesn’t know who you are, so you will need to be strategic on how you send your Fellow Jacket their gifts. Likewise, someone will be caring for you in that way too. The Fellow Jacket Program is about encouraging, uplifting, and supporting each other in small ways.

How do I get a Fellow Jacket?
Please contact the Human Resources Department at HR@wvstateu.edu for more information. 

What responsibility do I have as a Fellow Jacket?
Once names are drawn you can immediately begin sending gifts, notes, cards, or special secret greetings that can continue throughout the year. If you decide to get your Fellow Jacket a gift(s), we ask that you please keep your gifts under $10. Remember that it is the thought that counts. Something homemade, a sweet treat, or a simple gift is an appropriate way to say “You’re in my thoughts”. Make an effort to get to know your Fellow Jacket (in secret of course). If you don’t know who the person is, ask someone to point them out so you can get acquainted. We strongly encourage participants to somehow acknowledge their Fellow Jacket at least once every other month. Remember those special holidays, or occasions like their birthday or anniversary. Send a get well card if you know they are ill.

Thinking about our Fellow Jackets, and sending a little “hello” card every now and then is why the program is so enjoyable. It’s especially nice to receive those notes saying you’re being thought about or remembered in a special way, or for a special reason. Your commitment in doing that is what will make the Fellow Jacket Program successful. If for some reason you are unable to continue participating in the program, let Human Resources know so that another Fellow Jacket can be found for the person you were assigned.

Above all, enjoy the experience. 


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