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It’s important to stay connected while working from home. One way you can stay connected is by recognizing your colleagues for the great work they’re doing in spite of the challenges posed by the Coronavirus crisis. Compliment a Colleague is an online recognition program, sponsored by the Department of Human Resources, that provides you the opportunity to anonymously recognize a fellow colleague or department with a virtual pat on the back, a thank you or a simple “job well-done” message.

To recognize a colleague or department, please complete the form located on this page. Information may be edited for clarity and consistency. Please be aware that it may take anywhere between 24-48 hours for your compliment to appear. 


Derrien Williams - HOUSING & RESIDENCE LIFE (8/21/2020)
Derrien has a young boy named Drake, and he has taken on the responsibility of raising another boy his nephew. Derrien spends most of his time dealing with Res. Life issues. He doesn't have time for his son or himself. His phone never stops ringing, even after the rest of us have gone home he is still working. He deserves not only the students appreciation but ours also. 

Brittany Fletcher - ARTS AND HUMANITIES (8/11/2020)
Brittany is always so friendly and quick to respond. She goes above and beyond and is always so eager to help. You can tell that she loves working at the University and with the students. 

I truly appreciate Joanna helping me with the Cole Complex signage. Thank you, Joanne!

Adele Thumm - EDUCATION (8/6/2020)
Adele has done an amazing job this summer helping me get students enrolled in classes that require approval due to the prerequisites. She always responds quickly to emails and just plain GETS THE JOB DONE!!!!!

Tracy Owen - INFORMATION TECHNOLOGY (7/20/2020)
Tracy is always there when we need him for computer issues. He has worked tirelessly during the last few weeks with all of the office relocations. He has worked on campus every day - whether we have been here or not. Thanks, Tracy, for ALL THAT YOU DO!! You are much appreciated!

Jerry Miller - ACCOUNTS PAYABLE (7/15/2020)
Jerry has always been very helpful in answering all my questions when it comes to purchasing. He does an outstanding job of being timely by responding to emails quickly and all around is a friendly individual. Thank you Jerry!

Gina Salser - PAYROLL (7/8/2020)
Gina has always been available to provide assistance when I need her. She continually helps me with my time sheets every time I experience an issue-which seems like every pay period! Thanks so much Gina!

Trina Sweeney - STUDENT LIFE & ENGAGEMENT (7/8/2020)
Trina did an OUTSTANDING job at serving as the Staff Representative on the Presidential Search Committee. She always kept the concerns of staff members in mind and repeatedly solicited comments and remarks from us. Thank you for service Trina!

Tiffany Plear - UPWARD BOUND (7/7/2020)
Mrs. Tiffany Plear is one of the most dedicated workers I have ever met... She is willing to put in the extra time to get everything accomplished regardless of how exhausted she is!!!

Dr. Kiddie, even during these challenging times brought about by the COVID 19 Pandemic exhibits the utmost professionalism in trying to ensure that we are able to meet online learning responsibilities to effectively serve our students.

Sean McAndrews - ATHLETICS (7/7/2020) 
Sean is always in the office and working hard to make sure our student athletes are ready for the fall. Thank you Sean for your dedication!

Dayton Wilson - PHYSICAL FACILITIES (7/7/2020) 
Dayton is involved in many things behind the scenes that help make WVSU such wonderful campus. Dayton and his staff are here many days that others are not and they are here many late or very early hours to make sure so many events happen without any issues. Thank you Dayton!

Karleen Slaughter - ACADEMIC AFFAIRS (7/7/2020) 
Karleen is truly a Blessing to everyone who knows her. She is always friendly, helpful and goes out of her way to assist anyone in need. Whether it's her smiling face when you go in the office or just her friendly voice on the phone, she can always make your day a brighter one.

Jameelah Means - ADMISSIONS (7/7/2020) 
Jameelah always works super hard to make sure recruits are up to date and ready to get started. She is always willing to help and shares our care as it relates to getting our players admitted. She really makes parents feel comfortable because she is prepared. Jameelah is one of the many reasons WVSU is a great place.

Micheal Fultz - CHEMISTRY (7/7/2020) 
Dr. Fultz is an amazing person who is very passionate about our students and University. He is on campus most days of the week, including weekends, he tirelessly works on building relationships with current and prospective students, and has a drive to see the University succeed. His work and dedication are what we are all about and is so very appreciated.

Julie Saldivar - HUMAN RESOURCES (7/7/2020)
During my onboarding and orientation Julie went above and beyond making sure I got all my questions answered and making me feel like I could reach out to her for anything. I really appreciated the hospitality and commitment to making me feel comfortable and welcome.

Joanne joined WVSU in April, right in the middle of the University being closed, so she has had to basically learn everything from her home via phone calls, emails and Zoom, and a very few times of meeting at the office just in the last month. However, this has not stopped Joanne from jumping right in and giving it her all. She is a pleasure to work with and I am thankful for her and all her help.

Micah Peggs - THEATER FACILITY (6/2/2020)
Micah is by far one the most helpful individuals on this campus. He has helped our office so many times and we cannot thank him enough on all he does and continues to do. He goes above and beyond for everyone. I have seen him work late for events and come in early the next day exhausted, but he does this because he cares deeply about providing top-notch services for the campus and the whole community.

Joseph Davenport - ENVIRONMENTAL HEALTH & SAFETY (6/2/2020)
Mr. Davenport is very knowledgeable in his field. He researches all facts and bases his decisions on state and federal guidelines. He has the Universities best interest at heart. Mr. Davenport is a pleasure to work with because he is a kind, funny and all around a wonderful human being who leads by example.

Stephen Seitz​ - WVSU R&D (6/1/2020)
Stephen is the nicest person to work with. He never gets angry or upset and helps you whenever he can. He responds quickly and is very knowledgeable.

Bonnie is the kindest, most patient person I have ever worked for. She is so committed to the WVSU Healthy Grandfamilies Program. She is always willing to do whatever she can to get someone the help they need. She is so caring.

Jackson (Jay) Hayes - INFORMATION TECHNOLOGY (6/1/2020)
Jay always makes time to help us with computer issues. He's very kind and patient.

Heike Rogers - ENVIRONMENTAL HEALTH & SAFETY (5/28/2020)
Heike has worked tirelessly organizing training matrices from various departments across the university and organizing other needed information for the launch of the Safety Skills System. I appreciate her help in assisting me in the evaluation of courses that were summitted. She continues to provide support of the Safety Skills LMS. Thank you.

Jameelah Means - ADMISSIONS (5/28/2020)
Jameelah always goes above and beyond for WVSU and the admissions staff. She is a constant reminder that hard work doesn't go unseen. She has been working diligently to keep Admissions grounded and working together on finding new creative ways to increase enrollment with the unforeseen COVID-19 pandemic. KUDOS Jameelah!

Trina Sweeney - STUDENT LIFE & ENGAGEMENT (5/28/2020)
Trina has been amazing at adapting to the pandemic. Infiltrating a new source for NSO and continues to keep our staff and students informed on new updates for events and enrollment! KUDOS Trina !!!!

Karleen Slaughter - ACADEMIC AFFAIRS (5/28/2020)
Karleen has always been able to help assist anyone since the beginning. She truly makes you feel like you are on a team by working with you on tasks that might need some assistance. She has helped me so much over the years and truly shows the passion that she has for WVSU. She is such a hard-working individual and brings a smile to your face when you walk into her office. I am thankful for her and all the help she provides to everyone.

Joseph Davenport - ENVIRONMENTAL HEALTH & SAFETY (5/27/2020)
He is continually working to improve safety at our University, even during the COVID19 pandemic, with several family members hospitalized. This man goes above and beyond!

An exemplary service (while working from home) and has always been ready to come to campus to finish tasks.

Amanda Myers - CENTER FOR ONLINE LEARNING (5/27/2020)
Amanda worked real hard in helping me with conducting online exams for my courses last semester after we switched to online classes. She was very prompt in responding to my emails and taking care of everything tirelessly.

Dr. Kiddie has worked tirelessly to make sure all classes could be moved online. He coordinated and organized all of the technical aspects of the transition and spent weeks helping faculty through instruction and moving materials online. No one on earth could have done a better job getting the University through this time!

Brenda Parsons - SOCIAL & BEHAVIORAL SCIENCES / ENGLISH / MFL (5/12/2020)
Brenda goes beyond her position to help out anyone in need. Whether you are new staff with a million questions, a student looking for assistance, or a department in need, Brenda can always be counted on.

Sean McAndrews - ATHLETICS (5/12/2020)
During this difficult time, McAndrews has been in his office staying on top of all news pertinent to our staff and for our incoming / returning student athletes. His dedication is very much appreciated by us who are vulnerable or feel safer working from home . His dedication does not go unnoticed by his coworkers. Need to know anything related to sports, ask McAndrews.

Kellie goes above and beyond for the students at WVSU. She has found a way to do personal counseling for our students even during these trying times. Kellie has a way of making each student feel special and wanted.

Jameelah Means - ADMISSIONS (5/11/2020)
Jameelah goes beyond what is required in her position by making sure that each new student is given all opportunities to succeed.

Yvette Underdue Murph - ENROLLMENT MANAGEMENT & STUDENT AFFAIRS  (5/11/2020)
During the Pandemic I saw Dr. YUM at work every day. Even though I didn't see her personally each day I knew she was there. Dr. YUM makes sure that she recognizes each of her staffs important events in their lives. Dr. YUM tries to motivate and encourage her staff. Dr. YUM wants the best for us and wants us to have equipment that aides in our work place duties. She cares!

Justin Cherry - HUMAN RESOURCES (5/11/2020)
Justin has always been available. His presence in HR has made a tremendous impact.

Ryan Kendrick - REGISTRATION (5/11/2020)
Ryan has stayed on top of things. His prompt responses and clear communication has been very helpful.

Stephen Seitz​ - WVSU R&D (5/11/2020)
He is always professional regardless of what is going on. He is always willing to help and work out issues the face are facing.

Jeanie Sutphin​ - EXTENSION (5/11/2020)
A dear lady, who is always willing to give a patient ear and kind support to everyone. She is a good woman and organized assistant who keeps everything running smoothly.

Hannah Payne - CASTEM (5/11/2020)
She is a good person, supporting us to do good things in trying times.

If a colleague (or department) goes the extra mile, let them know you appreciate it. 

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