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Hazing Policy and Sanctions

Any person or persons who cause(s) hazing is guilty of a misdemeanor and upon conviction thereof shall be: fined not less than one hundred dollars nor more than one thousand dollars; or confined in a county or regional jail not more than nine months; or both fined and imprisoned.  Provided that if the act would otherwise be deemed a felony as defined in the hazing code, the person committing such acts may be found guilty of such acts and/or may be found guilty of a felony and be subject to penalties provided by law for such felony. 
In accordance with the goal of educating and assisting students with conduct problems, the Vice President for Student Affairs may recommend such other forms of disciplinary action as may be appropriate to the individual case.  These may typically involve work or research projects or recommendation for counseling options.

Affirmative Action Statement

West Virginia State University is an EQUAL OPPORTUNITY/AFFIRMATIVE ACTION institution and does not discriminate against any person because of race, sex, age, color, religion, disability, national or ethnic origin. This policy extends to all West Virginia State University activities related to the management of its educational, financial and business affairs. It affects all employment practices including but not limited to recruitment, hiring, transfer, promotion, training, compensation, benefits, layoff, and  termination.

Liability/Property Loss

The University does not accept liability for damage or theft of personal property.  Please be sure you always lock your room door, even if you’re just going next door or to the bathroom.  It is recommended that you either carry your own personal property insurance or determine if property loss is covered by your or your parent’s homeowner’s policy.  In addition, you are urged to put proper identification on all your valuables and keep a list of them with descriptive information, model numbers and serial numbers.  Materials for registering all property with the Department of Public Safety are available at each residence hall main office. 

Room Entry

The University reserves the right to enter a student’s room (including closets, storage areas, and adjoining bathrooms) locked or unlocked, at any time it is deemed necessary for the immediate resolution of problems.  When the health, welfare and/or safety of persons will occur and/or property may be threatened (such as for repairs, maintenance work and room inspections) entry will be without notice.  Entry for other cause will occur only when there is an administrative search.
The Residence Halls (Scholars Hall and Dawson Hall) will close for the 2014-15 academic year on May 16th, 5:00pm. All students must vacate their assigned residential space by this time.
Additional information concerning closing procedures, student expectations, and details will be made available to students at a later time.
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