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The Office of New Student Programs, a department of Enrollment Management & Student Affairs supports the mission and goals of West Virginia State University through a variety of first-year success initiatives.  Grounded in the belief that all students entering post-secondary education can learn, the Office aims to enable students to develop their academic and life skills by providing a supportive and nurturing first-year experience.  The Office of New Student Programs is responsible to a diverse student population and works to develop and implement exemplary programs and services targeted to meet the unique needs of West Virginia State students.
The primary goal of the Office of New Student Programs is to ensure that all entering students at WVSU are given opportunities to work toward their full potential. The Office offers a wide array of services, including:
Our programs and services are based in the belief that all students have the potential for college success; all deserve to be treated with dignity; and all are to be respected for their differences.  Further, the Office believes that high-quality New Student Programs will enhance students’ ability to function effectively both inside and outside the college environment, strengthening the likelihood that they will persist in their educational efforts and meet their academic goals.
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