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If you are a student or staff/faculty member of West Virginia State University and you are interested in diversity issues, or you are looking for resources on a particular diversity topic, please contact our office.

Our office also sponsors various special issues groups to further empower or encourage their members in their endeavors, including SAGA (Straight And Gay Alliance).  If you would like more information about these sponsored groups, or about starting a new one, please email Keisha Barron-Brown at lbarron@wvstateu.edu or call (304) 766-3084.

Workshop Topics Available
As a part of her out-reach efforts, the multicultural counselor has developed several workshops she would be happy to present to classes, organizations, or community groups. The following is a list of topics she could speak about. If you are interested in scheduling one or more of these presentations, please contact Keisha Barron-Brown at  lbarron@wvstateu.edu  or (304) 766-3084.

1.  Racism
2.  Interracial Dating
3.  Racial Empowerment
4.  Diversity Appreciation
5.  Cultural Awareness
6.  Sexual Orientation
7.  Weight Discrimination
8.  Age discrimination
9.  Class discrimination
10.  Anti-Semitism
11.  Male/Female Communication
12.  Sexism
13.  Feminism
14.  Discrimination
15.  Women’s Issues
16.  Men’s Issues
17.  Cross-Cultural Communication
18.  Stereotyping
19.  Prejudice

Video Library
The following multicultural education videos are available to WVSU faculty, staff, and students for use in classes, group meetings, etc. To check-out a video, please contact Keisha Barron-Brown at lbarron@wvstateu.edu or (304) 766-3084.

     > Peoples of North America - traces the traditions, emigration patterns and cultural leaders of particular ethnic groups -                 (30 minutes)

     > Holocaust Movies
         - Europa, Europa (90 min)
         - Schindler's List (3 hrs 17 min)
         - Holocaust in Memory of Millions (60 min)

     > Hispanic Excellence - highlighting Hispanic achivements - 35 min

     > Women's Issues 
         - A Century of Women:  Image and Popular Culture (95 min)
         - Equality:  A History of the Women's Movement in America (60 min)
         - Women's Personal Defense:  Trust Your Instincts (60 min)
         - Sex, Power & the Workplace (60 min)

     > Race and/or Discrimination Issues
         - Communicating Across Cultures: A Time to Remember (58 min)
         - No Monolith:  A Guide to African Diversity in America (67 min)
         - The American Short Story Collection:  Almos' a Man (51 min)
         - The Greatness of Africa (23 min)
         - African Influence on Early Europe (20 min)
         - Martin Luther King:  Commemorative Collection (115 min)
         - American Justice:  KKK Hate Crimes in America (50 min)
         - Miss Evers' Boys (118 min)
         - Trouble Behind (56 min)
         - Take Back the Day
         - Amistad (2 hr 35 min)
         - Institutes for the Healing of Racism (14 min)
         - The Essential Blue-Eyed (36 min)
         - A Question of Color: Color Consciousness in Black America (58 m)
         - Skin Deep (53 min)
         - Black is...Black Ain't (86 min)
         - Ethnic Notions:  Black People in White Minds (57 min)
         - The Politics of Love in Black and White (33 min)

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