Angry Filmmaker Comes to WVSU on November 3


The event is co-sponsored by the WV Film Office and WVSU Cultural Activities.

Workshops on November 5 & 6

WVSU Assistant Professor of Communications  and filmmaker, Daniel Boyd, will hold a special two-day workshop on Low Budget Sound Design on Independent Films.  The sessions will be on Saturday Nov. 5 and Sunday November 6.  Hours are 10 a.m. to 5 pm. both days in 315 Cole Complex.

The workshops are free but participants must register.  Space is limited.  Contact Daniel Boyd at or 304-766-3379

Sponsored by WV Film Office and WVSU Cultural Activities

Low Budget Sound Design on Independent Films

Just because you don’t have a lot of resources doesn’t mean you can’t have quality sound.

In this workshop Danny Boyd  will walk the class through location recording to the post sound process using Pro Tools.  From making OMF files, to dialog editing, adding sound effects and music, to prepping for the final mix.  

One of the goals of this workshop is to see some of the common pitfalls that occur in location recording and look for ways to avoid common problems.  


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