WVSU Associate Director of Research Publishes Kentucky Entomology Study


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WVSU Associate Director of Research Publishes Kentucky Entomology Study                                                                                                            

Institute, WV – West Virginia State University’s (WVSU) Associate Dean and Associate Director of Research Dr. Robert J. Barney hit a research trifecta having two research papers and a photograph published simultaneously in the latest volume of the Journal of the Kentucky Academy of Science (KAS).

The photograph published is of one of a potentially endangered beetle that is among the species researched in the two papers, An Annotated List of the Leaf Beetles (Coleoptera: Chrysomelidae) of Kentucky: Subfamily Cryptocephalinae, and Leaf Beetle (Coleoptera: Chrysomelidae) Biodiversity within Isolated Remnant Grasslands in Kentucky State Nature Preserves.  The first was in collaboration with beetle experts at Brigham Young University and Texas A&M University.

The two articles are the last in a series of seven papers published by KAS documenting this research project which began when the Kentucky State Nature Preserves Commission and the Nature Conservancy questioned whether prescribed burning being used to preserve native plants was adversely affecting the beetles.

As past president of KAS, Barney chose the 94 year old, peer reviewed publication for his research findings to support the organization. He also felt that the periodical was a recognized source for research on biodiversity in Kentucky. 

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