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Monthly Accountability Record - (DOC)


 October 2007 - September 2008 Instructions

The U.S. Department of Education / Office of Institutional Development of Undergraduate Education Services (IDUES) require all personnel paid by Title III to complete time and effort reports. West Virginia State University’s Research & Development Corporation requests that each employee submit a monthly record that corresponds with our end-of-the-month pay period.


Please type or print your monthly accountability reports in paragraph form, and refrain from using bullet points or bold type. The report should be typed in Aerial 12 point font.  When you complete your report, please submit it as an attachment in either Word or Word Perfect to an email. 


  1. Name of Employee / Use your name as it appears on your paycheck.
  2. Month and Year / Current Date - Provide month and year of the report and the date submitted to your supervisor. For Example:  October 2006/ October 31, 2006. The report due for month and year (for example, October 2006), submission current date (October 31, 2006) must be received by the Title III Programs office ten days after the last day of the month (For example: November 10, 2006).
  3. Grant Number - The number 702 is for the current grant period.
  4. Title of Employee - Provide your Title III job title. Check with the R&D Human Resources Office, if in doubt.
  5. Work Location - Use the mailing address of your place of work (Example: 200 East Hall)
  6. Please indicate the hours absent from work due to Annual or Sick leave. If there are no days missed, note by placing a zero in the appropriate area.
  7. Total Hours Worked - Provide the total number of hours worked this calendar month minus any sick or annual. * All overtime must have prior approval by the Title III Project Coordinator.
  8. Baseline Data - Provide the increase or decrease of productivity within your activity. Remember, each month should illustrate a slight increase of productivity; of there is no change then please provide a percentage figure of completion and justification, that will illustrate the progress thus far.
  9. Program Accomplishments - Please list all program accomplishments for the submitted calendar month. Please state quantitatively in sentence format. For Example: “My program accomplishments this month included verifying 86% of XYZ project; completed ABC project, and JT project. If a project is not complete, please summarize why, such as time constraints, waiting on someone else or supplies, etc…If it is an ongoing project, indicate what you have accomplished on that project to get it closer to completion.
  10. Employee Signature - Please sign original signature and date.
  11. Immediate Supervisor’s Signature / Comments - Please obtain supervisor signature
  12. Activity Director – Sign and Date. Please forward the report to 200 East Hall
  13. Title III Program Officer -Sign and Date. Please forward the report to 100 East Hall
  14. Title III Project Coordinator - Sign and Date. Will process all completed reports
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