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Academic Credit Through Work Experience

Cooperative Education at West Virginia State University is an academic program designed to integrate classroom learning with practical experience.  Students may attend classes on a part-time basis concurrently with their work experience or alternate periods of work experience with classroom study. 

There are many ways in which students can benefit from Co-op.  The most obvious benefit is academic.  Co-op students earn credit for their work experience.  The next is financial.  Co-op students are paid a wage.  There are intangible benefits as well which are often the most beneficial.  Co-op students are able to “reality test” the theories they have learned in class, and this often translates into better classroom performance.  Students who Co-op can determine if they’ve made a good career choice before graduation and can make changes if necessary.  There is no way to measure how one’s self-confidence increases and how that impacts on one’s sense of responsibility and judgment. 

To be accepted into the Cooperative Education program at West Virginia State University, a student must:

  • Complete 24 semester hours at the 100 level and above
  • Maintain an overall GPA of 2.0 and a minimum of 2.50 in major courses
  • Complete English 101 with at least a grade of "C"
  • Attend a Co-op orientation meeting
  • Have a positive recommendation from the Department Chair for the student's major
  • In some situations, be willing to participate in two semesters of Co-op placement


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