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The purpose for these standards is to insure ease of use for our target audience, dissemination of appropriate, current information, and consistent institutional branding. The target audience for public web pages should be prospective students, students, researchers, and accreditation bodies as well as the general public. Board of Governors Policies should determine appropriateness of information. Information should reflect the current state of the campus, student expectations, procedures, faculty, research, and departments. Consistent reuse of the institutional logo and placement, appropriate graphics and resolution as well as style sheets, and coding to enable readability, fast page loading and ADA compliance using standard ports.
All web content that is associated with a course, copyrighted material or publisher content should be included with the course in the course management system (CMS). The course syllabus should be posted on the CMS. The syllabus and any public non-copyrighted materials may be placed on the CMS course information page. This is to insure compliance with BOG policy and the fair use provision of the copyright laws.
All users of the system will be authenticated through the use of a campus wide common authentication and single sign on system with accounts linked to the BANNER database.
Every page should contain a contact person responsible for the content of the page with a valid email address.
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