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When you have completed 45 credit hours, you should make formal application for admission to the Social Work Program. The application can be obtained from your advisor or from the Social Work Office in Wallace 928.

When should I contact my advisor?

You are responsible for contacting your advisor each semester for an advising appointment. During the registration period, faculty members have available times for advising posted on their office doors. Refer to the academic calendar each semester to see when advising and registration begin. Registration is on-line or by touch-tone telephone and requires a Personal Identification Number (PIN). You will receive your semester PIN and assigned registration time slot during advising.

In addition to scheduling your registration advising session, you are encouraged to contact your advisor anytime you have questions or concerns.

Further information about student advisement is found in “The Buzz” (the WVSU student handbook), and the WVSU Catalog.


Will I have an opportunity to learn more about “what I am getting into” through some practical social work experiences while I am in college?

YES. Social Work has long recognized the vital importance of students learning social work by “doing” social work first hand through supervised experiences with clients in a social work practice setting. Our program offers students a variety of field placements in community agencies. During your course of study in social work you can expect to spend:
20 hours in an agency during the SW 131 – Introduction to Social Work course. Your participation at the agency will be evaluated by the agency supervisor and this evaluation will be considered when you apply for formal admission into the program.
30 hours in educational setting during Education 201 – Human Growth and Development.
240 hours of micro practice in a field setting under the supervision of a qualified practitioner. You will do this during the first semester of the senior year. As part of that experience you will participate in a seminar with other students in placement where you will share your experiences in the field and engage in discussions about those experiences.
240 hours of macro practice in a different field setting with a different supervisor and a different clientele. You will do this during the second semester of your senior year. Again you will attend a weekly seminar to discuss your experience and engage in problem-solving.

Other social work courses, such as SW 350 – Aging: Process and Services, may require limited field placement experiences.

What are the requirements for the 240-hour field experience placements?

You must have completed approximately 90 credit hours (senior status)
Have satisfactorily completed the Introduction to Social Work 131 field experience.
Have been formally admitted to the Social Work Program.
Have completed SW 316 – Social Work Practice I

You will need to contact the Social Work Program Field Coordinator during the semester prior to your senior year, or the semester prior to the semester in which you will enroll in field placement. The Field Coordinator will take you through the field experience placement process.


In addition to the many university-wide programs and activities, you may participate in a variety of activities designed specifically for social work majors.

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