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Admission to the program
Postponement of admission with specifications regarding steps needed to be taken for consideration of admission (e.g., additional courses or remedial action to be taken)
Non-acceptance into the program.

What if I am transferring from another social work program at another college? Will I automatically be admitted to the Program at WVSU?

If you are transferring from an accredited school with a CSWE accredited program in social work, your transcript will be evaluated by the Chair of the Department of Social Work to determine what credits are transferable. In addition, non-social work courses in foundation curriculum areas will be considered for transfer credit where you are able to demonstrate required knowledge and skills. (Examples of non-social work courses considered for transfer credit include those taken through Human Services Programs.) To properly evaluate transfer courses to ensure that you are not asked to repeat foundation curriculum content, you may be required to provide copies of course descriptions, syllabi, textbooks, instructor’s credentials or other materials pertaining to the courses taken at another college or university.

The number of credit hours you have earned, your GPA, and other criteria will be considered in determining your eligibility for admission to the program. Note: Academic credit for life experience and previous work experience is not given, in whole or in part, in lieu of the field practicum or in lieu of courses in the professional foundation areas.

What if I disagree with the decision regarding admission?

Within 14 days of receipt of the decision, the student may notify the Program Chair in writing of the wish to appeal.

The Program Chair will arrange an interview with the student. If the issue cannot be resolved during this interview, the student may take the next step.

The student may appeal in writing to the Dean of the College of Professional Studies, who may hear the case or refer the appeal to the WVSU Academic Appeals Committee.

The Academic Appeals Committee will notify the student of the Committee’s decision regarding admission to the Social Work Program after a formal hearing with the student.

If a satisfactory resolution to the issue is not reached through this stage, the student may appeal in writing to the President.

The President’s decision is final.


The schedule of courses recommended for eight semesters includes a sequencing of courses that develops content for the professional practice of social work. You will note that with the exception of three social work courses, you are to concentrate on general education courses and cognates during the first four semesters, with the concentration of social work courses occurring in the last four semesters of study. The social work student must complete 123 credit hours to earn a Bachelor’s of Science degree in Social Work.
(Note: You must consult the catalog in effect when you were admitted to WVSU to determine the requirements in effect at that time.)


General Education Component, common to all bachelor degree programs
Interdisciplinary Matrix
Origins (3 credit hours)
Human Diversity (3 credit hours)
International Perspectives (6 credit hours)
History of Civilization (3 credit hours)
Intellectual and Personal Development
English (6 credit hours)
Mathematics (3 credit hours)
Speech (3 credit hours)
Information Skills (4 units)
Lifetime Health and Fitness (2 credit hours)

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