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  1. Successfully complete an appropriate teaching specialization with a minimum of 120 semester hours. Students must successfully complete all courses and other requirements checked on their senior evaluation to qualify for graduation. Earn a minimum grade of C in all classes and have a 2.5 cumulative grade point average.
  2. Successfully complete a state-required standardized proficiency test in each content specialization for which certification is sought, e.g., Elementary Education, Mathematics, Social Studies. These assessments will normally occur during the senior year or near the time that specialization requirements are completed. Students are obligated for testing costs. Passing scores required by the West Virginia Board of Education must be documented prior to recommendations for certification.
  3. Successfully complete a state-required standardized proficiency test in professional education (Principles of Learning and Teaching—PLT) before student teaching.
  4. Successfully complete a supervised student teaching experience at the programmatic levels and in each content specialization for which certification is being sought. All Candidates will complete 600 clock hours of student teaching over 15 weeks and register for a total of 15 semester hours of credits, numbered from Education 480-487. Candidates will be assessed using an instrument jointly administered by the cooperating teacher and the university supervisor to verify the achievement of teaching skills. These skills have to be satisfactorily demonstrated and verified to meet certification and graduation requirements.
  5. Students must file an application for graduation in the Registrar’s Office.
  6. After graduation, candidates complete the application process for West Virginia licensure which includes being fingerprinted for an FBI Criminal background check.
Please note: All 50 states, the District of Columbia, and US Territories require the FBI criminal background check as a condition for issuance of license. Candidates who have criminal histories that would make them unfit to be around public school students may be denied a teaching license, i.e. sexually abusing a child.
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