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Spring 2012

Dr. Duane Dombak:  February 15th 7:00pm Hamblin Auditorium

Dr. Kevin DiGregorio:  March 1st 7:00pm Hamblin Auditorium

Dr. Janet Liljestrand:  March 8th 12:30pm Room TBA

Dr. Shelia Price: April 3rd 12:30pm Room TBA

Past Presenters

Dr. Craig Barnes (University of Tennessee) - The Design, Synthesis and Reactivity of Nanostructured Metal Oxide Catalysts – Where Materials Science meets Catalysis 

Dr. Samarjit Patnaik (NIH Chemical Genomics Center) - Organic Synthesis and Drug Discovery 

Dr. Tom Magliery (Ohio State University) - Protein-protein interactions and conformations and the uses they have in medical therapy

Jason Christopher Hodges (West Virginia State Police Forensic Lab)

Dr. David Seidler (Charleston Area Medical Clinic)

Dr. Mary Kirchhoff (Director of Education, American Chemical Society) - Green Chemistry: Theory and Practice, What are the alternatives to toxic chemicals?  

Dr. Seth Horne (University of Pittsburg) - Proteins as Play-doh: Changing the Chemical Connectivity of Biomolecules to Make New Material and Medicines 

Dr. Vagner Benedito (West Virginia University) - Membrane transporters in the model legume Medicago truncatula: Genomic perspectives on symbiotic nitrogen fixation

Dr. John C Warner (President and Chief Technology Officer, Warner Babcock Institute for Green Chemistry and President, THe Beyond Benign Foundation) - Green Chemistry: New Eyes and New Ideas in Science

Dr. Dana Bixler (Director of Medical Epidemiology) - Life after Undergraduate Studies, Epidemiology as a Career Option

Dr. Charles Clements (Marshall University Joan C. Edwards School of Medicine) - What is Medical School and How do I Prepare for it?

Dr. James Hodge (Center for Cancer Research, National Cancer Institute) -A Brave New World: Vaccines for Therapy of Cancer

Dr. Silas Cook (Indiana University) - Generating an Efficient Total Synthesis for Englerin A

Dr. Noelle Umback (NYC Chief Medical Examiner's Department of Forensic Biology) - September 11th World Trade Attacks

Zachary Smith (Indiana University) - Utilizing Resting Egg Banks of the Water Flea, Daphnia pulex, to Study the Impacts of Metal Stress on Genome Architecture.

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