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Equipment and Facilities
Hamblin Hall is home to the Academic Departments of Biology, Chemistry, and Physics, and WVSU Computer Services.  Renovations to the original 45,000 sq. ft.* building were completed in 1990, when the building was nearly doubled in size to the current total area of 75,000 sq. ft.  In addition to the labs and classrooms described below, there are additional rooms dedicated to equipment and chemical storage.
The Department of Biology faculty, staff and students also have access to the AERS Research Facility located on the west end of campus. This facility comprises the following:
  • Pilot Plant Digester
  • 25 Raised Bed Field Row, each 30 m. X 1 m.
  • Digester Control Room
  • Two storage sheds
  • Two greenhouses
  1. AERS #1: 2100 sq. ft. A greenhouse facilty with 540 square feet o fbench space and supplemental lighting controlled by a QCom environmental control system.
  2. AERS #2: 2880 sq. ft. A greenhouse with 128 dutch buckets and vertical hydroponic system capable of growing 1,344 plants in 480 sq. ft of floor space , and 240 sq. ft. of bench space.
For fieldwork, WVSU has raised beds with more than 2500 linear feet of space on campus, an access to off-site fields with the WV Dept of Agriculture
Off-Campus Research Laboratory Facilities 
Building 740 at the Dow Technical Center in South Charleston, WV. - 480+ sq ft and includes all equipment to pursue molecular biology research, seed cleaning processes and fruit quality evaluations.
  • Chemical fume hood
  • Autoclave
  • Incubators
  • Ovens
  • 20 cu ft refrigerator
  • 20 cu ft freezer
  • 24 cu ft Revco
  • -80C freezer
  • Photodocumentation system
  • Thermal cyclers
  • Agarose & acrylamide electrophoresis equipment
  • HP UV/VIS spectrophotometer
  • Centrifuges
  • Water baths
  • Single and multi channel electronic pipettes
  • Microwave
  • Rocking platform shaker
  • Stirring/hot plates
  • Top-loading balance
  • Analytical balance
  • Thermolyne heat blocks
  • Sorvall floor centrifuge
  • Barnstead water system with RO and distillation Type I water purification system
  • Percival environmental chamber with microprocessor controlled light, temperature, and humidity
  • Four networked Windows XP computers with Microsoft Office 2007, SAS Version 9, Sigma Plot, EndNote, XI, and connections to printers, digital cameras, video cameras, and scanners. 
Hamblin Hall Classrooms:
  • H107:                       Seating capacity 50
  • H212:                       Seating capacity 45
  • H213:                       Seating capacity 15
  • Hamblin Auditorium:  Seating capacity 144
Teaching Laboratories:

Microbiology/Molecular Biology/Cell Biology/Genetics
            H134, 1080 sq. ft. 24 student stations with cup sinks
Human Sciences
            H140, 1080 sq. ft.  30 student stations with on-bench ventilation
Botanical Sciences
            H203, 855 sq. ft. 24 student stations
General Education Biological Sciences
            H205, 1296 sq. ft. 36 student stations
            H209, 1296 sq. ft. 40 student stations
Zoological Sciences
            H218, 955 sq. ft. 24 student stations
Physical Chemistry/Environmental Chemistry/Biochemistry
            H222, 1139 sq. ft. 24 student stations with 1 fume hood; acid/base storage
Organic Chemistry
            H302, 912 sq. ft. 24 student stations with fume hoods
General Chemistry/General Education Chemical Sciences
            H320, 1092 sq. ft. 24 student stations with on-bench ventilation, acid storage
            H324, 1092 sq. ft. 24 student stations with on-bench ventilation
            H312, 365 sq. ft. 12 student computer workstations for weather studies
General Physics/General Education Physical Sciences
            H307, 1056 sq. ft. 36 student stations
            H311, 750 sq. ft. 24 student stations
            H316, 962 sq. ft. 16 student stations
Research labs and Special facilities (Hamblin Hall)
Pilot Plant Thermophilic Anaerobic Bioreactor 10,000 gal. with control software
Greenhouses -    H201C, 576 sq. ft. and H201B, 200 sq. ft. head house
Microbiology/Molecular labH102, 923 sq. ft. with fume hood
DarkroomH132, 100 sq. ft.
Electrophoresis labH136, 256 sq. ft. with class II safety hood
Instruments labH144, 282 sq. ft. 
Biology prep labsH142, 594 sq. ft. and H207, 208 sq. ft. with instrument ventilation

Fermentation labH145, 234 sq. ft. A divided lab for analysis and control of three, 50 L. model thermophilic, anaerobic bioreactors with independent ventilation and anaerobic chamber.
Aquaculture labsG26, 600 sq. ft.  A facility with thirty-six 110 L. aquaria plumbed for continuous flow; with 3 holding tanks for fish and 900 gal. of       dechlorinated water and H309, 650 sq. ft. with explosion-proof and standard fume hoods
Microscopy and Image Analysis labs H126, 306 sq. ft. and H201A, 308 sq. ft.
Chemistry prep labsH326, 216 sq. ft. with fume hood, flammable storage, acid storage; H328, 196 sq.ft with fume hood; and H330, 312 sq. ft., dispensing
Organic Synthesis Research labsH230, 180 sq. ft. with fume hood, acid storage; H310, 598 sq. ft. with 3 fume hoods, acid storage, flammable
storage; and 
H321, 280 sq. ft. with fume hood, acid storage
Biomedical/Plant Genomics SuiteH303/305/301, 1400 sq. ft. with fume hood, acid storage
Biomedical Research labH232, 345 sq. ft. with fume hood
Analytical Chemistry Research labH202, 650 sq. ft. with 2 fume hoods, acid storage, flammable storage
Inorganic Chemistry Research labs H204, 288 sq. ft. with walk-in and standard fume hoods
Biochemistry and Instrumental Analysis Research labH224, 896 sq. ft. with two fume hoods; instrument ventilation; flammable storage
NMR facilityH 228, 195 sq. ft. with independent temperature control and fume hood
Spectroscopy labsH332, 192 sq. ft.
Science Student Computer CenterH106, 288 sq. ft. with 10 student workstations
  • Hewlett-Packard gas chromatograph with thermal conductivity & flame ionization detectors.
  • Varian 300MHz Gemini 2000 NMR high field spectrometer
  • Analytical Spectral Devices field spectral radiometer
  • Mattson Model 4020 FTIR spectrometer
  • Mattson Model ATI IR microscope
  • Aquatek Model 50 water analyzer with Tekmar 3000 Purge and Trap Concentrator
  • Spectronic 21D UV/VIS spectrophotometer
  • Ocean Optics UV/VIS fiber optics spectrophotometer
  • Perkin-Elmer LS55 luminescence spectrometer
  • $98,000 from NSF MRI program, received fall of 2002 for purchase of ICP spectrometer; model yet to be determined.
  • Waters HPLC with 600E system controller, 712 WISP injection system and Model 990 photodiode array detector.
  • Hewlett-Packard Model 8452A UV/VIS diode array spectrophotometer
  • Perkin Elmer atomic absorption spectrometer with lamps for various metals and HGA 850 graphite furnace
  • HP 5890 gas chromatograph with 5972 mass selective detector
  • Beckman Model 915A total carbon analyzer
  • Tekmar-Dohrman total chlorine analyzer
  • Bioanalytical Systems CV50W electrochemical analyzer
  • Coy Laboratories model A anaerobic glove box chamber
  • Hach Odyssey model DR/2500 spectrophotometer for analysis of COD, volatile acids, total ans reactive phosphates, ammonia, nitrate, and nitrite
  • ThermoOrion ISE meter with probes to detect: ammonia, ammonium, nitrate, nitrite and potassium
  • Pharmacia FPLC with UV-MII monitor, fraction collector, dual chart recorder and various columns
  • BioRad Econo low pressure chromatography system with columns, peristaltic pumps, fraction collector, in-line absorbance detector and controller.
  • Cary 1 UV/VIS scanning spectrophotometer with a 6x6 temperature controlled cell block and available enzyme kinetic software.
  • BRL Cell-Porator electroporation system for bacterial, yeast, plant and animal cells.
  • Two Perkin-Elmer Model 2400 and one 9700 PCR thermal cyclers, one Eppendorf Master Cycler
  • Applied Biosystems ABI Prism 7000 Real Time Sequence Detection System for the kinetic detection of PCR products.
  • IEC Minotome Plus Cryostatic Microtome
  • Turner Fluorometer
  • ThermoSavant ISS110 Speed Vac system with 96 well plate rotor
  • Thermo Class II A Biological Safety Cabinet
  • Flexerell FX4000 Strain Unit
  • Refrigeration equipment numerous refrigerator/freezers (some explosion-proof), two chromatography refrigerators and three-80°C freezers.
  • Centrifuges: RC-5B refrigerated centrifuge, Beckman T2-100 ultracentrifuge, Eppendorf 5810R centrifuge with swinging plate/bucket rotor, Eppendorf 5415D centrifuge, microcentrifuges and clinical centrifuges.
  • Electrophoresis equipment: BioRad mini-protean-II units, IBI 3000 volt  sequencing power supply, Labnet Powerstation 300 volt power supply, BioRad 300 volt power supplies, and EC 300 power supplies; IBI, Stratagene, BioRad, Horizon, GeneMate and BRL DNA gel units, Life Technology & IBI submarine gel units. EC 1001 Isothermal controlled unit; BioRad Decode Universal Mutation Detection System.
  • Two Licor 4300 DNA Analyzers/SequencersLicor Odyssey Infrared Imaging System for Western blot analysis, EMSA, protein arrays,  in vivo imaging, Coomassie gel documentation, DNA gel documentation and tissue section analysis. 
  • 16- Capillary Applied Biosystems 3130xl Genetic Analyzer for genotyping and sequencing.
  • Beckman CEQ 8800 capillary system for genotyping and sequencing
  • GenePix 4100A  Microarray scanner for microarrays, tissue and cell arrays, and fluorescence studies
  • Agilent 2100 Bioanalyzer for quantification and quality control of DNA, RNA, proteins and cells on a single platform.
  • Three ABI 2720 Thermal Cyclers.
  • Nuaire Laminar Airflow Workstation
  • Three Spectrfuge 24D Centrifuges
  • Barnstead shaker/incubator
  • Partec ploidy Analyzer for ploidy and genome size analysis
  • Two Licor 4300 DNA Analyzers/Sequencers.Licor Odyssey Infrared Imaging System for Western blot analysis, EMSA, protein arrays,  in vivo imaging, Coomassie gel documentation, DNA gel documentation and tissue section analysis. 
  • Beckman CEQ 8800 capillary system for genotyping and sequencing
  • GenePix 4100A  Microarray scanner for microarrays, tissue and cell arrays, and fluorescence studies
  • Agilent 2100 Bioanalyzer for quantification and quality control of DNA, RNA, proteins and cells on a single platform.
  •  Alpha Innotech Fluor Chem 8900 image analysis system for the quantitative anaylsis of DNA, RNA and protein
  • Stratagene hybridization equipment including UV-Stratalinker 1800, Rotissere hybridization oven and pressure blotter
  • Hach and Precision programmable BOD incubators, CO2 incubators
  • Lab-line Model 3530-6 refrigerated environmental shakers
  • Packard 1900 liquid scintillation counter, Bioscan QC-2000 counter for 32P and 125I, and two Victoreen survey meters.
  • Barnstead E Pure water purification system Model D4641 with Fistreem Calypso glass still
  • Barnstead double-stage glass distillation water purification system
  • Kjeldahl, crude protein analysis system, Soxtlet fat extraction system, crude fiber analysis apparatus
  • Leco TruSpec N Elemental Determinator
  • AC 350  Bomb Calorimeter
  • New Brunswick Scientific Innova 40 Incubator Shaker
  • Fisher Scientific Isotherm Oven
  • BioTEK Synergy HT absorbance/fluorescence/luminescence Microplate Reader
  • Intech Fiber optic Oxygen Monitor
  • AB-2720 Thermal Cycler (part# 4359659)
  • GeneAmp PCR System Model 9700 (part# N8050200)
  • Gateway  E-6500 Computer and Monitor
  • Eppendorf Desk-top Centrifuge Model 5417C
  • VWR Water Heater Model  1104 X 2 (Cat# 1327-060)
  • Polyscience Water Heater Model 210
  • CEL-GRO tissue culture rotator – Lab Line (Cat# 235670)
  • Freezer – Frigidaire Commercial
  • New Brunswick Sci. Ultra Low Temp Freezer Model U-725 (Cat# U-944-0002)
  • Fisher Sci. Isotemp Lab Refrigerator
  • LABCONCO Purifier Clean Bench (Cat# 361000)
  • Precision Science Low Temp Incubator Model 815
  • VWR General Purpose Freezer (-20oC) (Cat# 3761)
  • Biorad PowerPac Model Basic 300V/400mA/75w
  • Biorad Power Pac Model 300
  • Precision Microprocessor Controlled 280 Series Water Bath
  • Fast-Prep FP 120 Bio101 – Thermal Electrical Company Model FP120A-115
  • Beckman TL-100 Ultracentrifuge (Cat# 346457)
  • Labline Refrigerated Environmental Floor Incubator/Shaker (Model 3530)
  • Coy Anaerobic Chamber  Model AATC 200 SERIES
  • Biorad Mutation Detection (DGGE/TGGE) Model D-Code
  • Precision Circulation Water Bath Model 260 (Cat# 51221035)
General lab equipment: 
  • pH meters with several selective ion probes
  • dissolved oxygen meters
  • analytical balances
  • top-loading balances
  • Thermolyne heat blocks
  • Speed Vacs with Savant refrigerated traps
  • BioRad slab gel dryer
  • Fotodyne UV-light table
  • Polaroid and Fotodyne cameras
  • rotary evaporators
  • distillation apparatus
  • stirring hot/plates
  • water baths
  • Spectronic GENESYS 2
  • Spectronic 20 and Spectronic 20D student spectrophotometers
  • Simplex carbon filte
  • A-200 Floor Model Mixer
  • autoclaves
  • laminar flow hoods
  • incubators/incubator shakers
  • vacuum and box furnaces
  • programmable growth chambers
  • micropipettors
  • waterbaths
  • dishwasher
  • vortexers
  • drying ovens
  • colorimeter
  • disc mill
  • grinding mill
  • CO2 incubator
  • Sony digital cameras
  • ultrasonicators
  • multiple channel adjustable dispensers
  • Networked pentium computers with access to HP LaserJet 5 printers, color printer, digital, still and video cameras and a flatbed scanner.
Field Studies Equipment

Plant, animal and soil sampling equipment:
  • nets
  • burlese funnels
  • pit fall
  • traps
  • aspirators and kill jars
  • plant presses
  • pruners
  • dichotomous keys
Environmental equipment:
  • densiometers
  • clinometers
  • hygrometers
  • light
  • meters
  • altimeters
  • field tapes
Mapping equipment:
  • radiometric distance measurers
  • GPS
  • Complete GIS workstation with AutoCAD and ARCVIEW
  • Lab equipment such as vacuum chamber, vacuum filtration, and light bench.
Microscopes for teaching and research:
  • Leica MZ6 stereo microscope with digital Hitachi camera
  • Broderson fiber optic light source
  • Dell Dimension XPS B1000 workstation with paper port 610 scanner
  • Leica DMLS compound microscope with Pixera digital camera, computer workstation, and Olympus Camedia digital color printer.
  • Wild Heerbrugor stereo dissection microscope
  • Zeiss Axioskop compound microscope 2plus with camera mount
  • Nikon confocal deconvolution microscope and workstation with dedicated computer for 3-D image analysis
  • AO stereo dissecting microscope
  • Accu-scope 3030P inverted phase contrast microscope
  • 24 Leica DM500 binocular student microscopes
  • 26 Nikon binocular student microscopes
  • 30 Unico binocular student microscopes
  • 36 Swift binocular student microscopes
  • 20 Swift stereo dissection student microscopes
  • 24 National stereo dissection student microscopes

Image analysis equipment:

  • Two scopes with Hitachi video and digital interface connection to DELL computer with sigmascan image analysis software
  • Olympus digital camera
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