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[ ] Complete all sections of the appropriate EPC Form pertinent to your proposal.

[ ] Obtain required signatures from department chair and college dean.

[ ] Obtain signatures from any other department chairs that would be affected by the changes (e.g. removing another department's course from a degree program).

[ ] Provide summary of reasons for the proposal and any fiscal effects.

[ ] A syllabus for each new course and any other course being affected by name change, significant description change, significant prerequisite change, using the syllabus format in the Faculty Handbook.

[ ] Copy of minutes of the department faculty meeting in which the change was announced, discussed, and voted on by the faculty of the department or program. Minutes must document meeting date, members present, and recorder.

[ ] Send original proposal form, with signatures in blue ink, along with the supporting documentation, and 4 paper copies of the proposal form and supporting documentation to Michael Fultz, EPC Chair, Department of Chemistry, Hamblin Hall 217.

[ ] Send one electronic copy of  the Proposal and supporting documentation to mfultz@wvstateu.edu .

Please note that the committee will adhere strictly to the submission deadline dates. It is very difficult to process, review, and attend to the paperwork in a reasonable and thoughtful fashion when items arrive at the last minute. Submissions received after the deadline date will be placed on the agenda for the following month.



 Any departments wishing for their proposals to be approved, published, and fully implemented for the following fall term will need to submit proper forms and documentation before the February meeting.

If you have any questions or need any help completing the forms or understanding EPC procedures, please contact the EPC Chair, Micheal Fultz, x3106, mfultz@wvstateu.edu .

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