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The Office of Institutional Research and Effectiveness (IRE) reports to the Assistant Vice President for University & Legislative Relations and operates in a manner consistent with the mission of West Virginia State University. IRE conducts its activities from an institutional perspective and supports short and long range planning, budgeting, accreditation, assessment, and management within the University.

Data Policy Advisory Council (DPAC)
IRE is charged with assuring the accuracy and integrity of the University’s data in regard to the following file specifications:
-          Applicant File
-          Course File
-          Financial Aid File
-          Student File
-          Registration File
-          Graduation File
-          Personnel File
W.Va. Higher Education Assessment Council
The Director of IRE serves on the W.Va. Higher Education Assessment Council to establish polices regarding the following:
-          Developing campus cultures of assessment
-          Using multifaceted assessment programs
-          Empowering educators to participate fully
-          Assessing value-added learning
-          Using national measures
-          Assessing capstone courses
-          Aligning curricula with national and international goals and standards
-          Using results for continuous improvement and accountability
-          Meeting the North Central Higher Learning Commission’s standards
-          Implementing an electronic database to accurately collect and report assessment data
Assessment Coordination
IRE provides assessment coordination assistance to faculty and staff, academic departments and programs, campus committees and groups to plan, implement, and use assessment of student learning through Program Learning Outcomes (PLOs) in order to improve educational quality by engaging in the following activities:
-          Consulting with faculty groups and committees (e.g., Academic Program Review, General Education Committee) on all phases of  
           assessment (e.g., planning, implementation, data analysis, reporting)
-          Developing resource materials and providing campus presentations to help faculty and staff streamline and improve their classroom
            and programs assessment practices
-          Coordinating, administering and reporting on university wide assessment activities
-          Disseminating and communicating assessment results to internal and external constituencies
-          Developing and promoting strategies to use university assessment results to foster educational improvement
-          Coordinating, tracking, and projecting needed actions related to assessment for accreditation from the Higher Learning Commission
-          Disseminating, assessing surveys (e.g. Graduate Exit Survey, Entering Student Survey, Registrar Office Survey, etc.) and communicating
            the results to the appropriate departments
-          Assisting departments and programs that need help with their accreditation and Program Review studies
-          Training and assisting students, faculty, staff, and administrators in the use of LiveText
-          Maintaining and operating the LiveText database (the largest database on campus)
Provides support to WVSU Higher Learning Commission Liaison. Supports the liason's work to:
 -          Serve as a primary recipient of Commission communications regarding the institution’s accreditation, in addition to the chief executive
-          Disseminate information and answering questions about Commission policies and procedures for all audiences within the institution.
-          Stay current with Commission policies and procedures.
-          Provide oversight and direction for the institution’s Data Update Coordinator to ensure the currency, accuracy, and timeliness of
           information submitted to the Commission as part of the Annual Institutional Data Update (AIDU).
-          Provide oversight and direction for the timely submission of substantive change requests and reports required by Commission policy.
-          Facilitate responses to Commission inquiries, including complaints referred by the Commission staff to the chief executive officer.
-          Maintain the institution’s file of official documents and reports related to the institution’s relationship with the Commission. Such files
           are often kept in the president’s office.
-          Provide comments to the Commission as requested in its consideration of proposed policies, procedures, and issues affecting the
           accreditation relationship.
-          Ensure that any changes in basic institutional information are reported to the Commission.
-          Ensure that the institution meets its financial obligations to the Commission through the timely payment of dues and fees.
Reports and Studies for External Agencies
IRE prepares reports and studies for the Higher Education Policy Commission, federal agencies regarding admissions, courses, enrollment, degrees awarded, student characteristics, tuition and fees, financial statistics, faculty salaries, faculty staffing and characteristics, and instructional costs. Major reports include the IPEDS, HEPC data files, and the state of West Virginia Higher Education Master Plan Compact Report, Student Retention, and Graduation Rates. IRE completes questionnaires from private agencies such as the American Council on Education, ACT Institutional Data Questionnaire, College Board Survey, American Association of University Professors, NSF-NIH Survey of Graduate Students, U.S. News & World Reports, Moody's Investors Service, and Peterson's Surveys.
Strategic Planning
IRE conducts research and prepares analytical studies to support the planning, budgeting, policy-making, and controlling functions for executive administration. Areas of research and study include student characteristics, student retention and academic progress, peer institutions, environmental scanning, faculty and staff performance, faculty and staff salaries, tuition, cost behavior, and funding levels.
Data Coordination and Institutional Reports
IRE serves as the primary information center for both external and internal requests for data, designs and distributes reports to all administration levels within the University on enrollment, credit hour production, numbers of majors, degrees granted, mean grades, faculty loads, and induced course loads. The office tracks the entry of WVSU baccalaureate degree graduates into graduate degree programs using the National Student Clearinghouse StudentTracker service for use in the annual Title III Phase One Calculation report and prepares the University Quick Facts document, student profiles, and University Fact Book.

IRE designs and develops models to support the planning and decision making activities of executive administration. In addition to enrollment forecasting and simulation models, areas of model development include tuition and fee revenues and providing LiveText support and training to all administrative offices, faculty, and students.
Program Review and Academic Planning Support
IRE assists the Provost's Office in the program review and academic planning process by providing program data and analyses on enrollment, majors, credit hours, student characteristics, faculty loads, assessment plans, and costs.
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