Dr. Amir Hass

Dr. Hass research program is aimed at understanding natural processes in the environment, and at developing efficient beneficial and environmentally sound use of natural resources. Dr. Hass lab also asses beneficial agronomic and environmentally sound of use selected waste-streams. Current projects include: evaluating the use of horizontal directional drilling mud from oil and gas midstream industry operations (i.e. gathering/transmission lines); development of bioenergy farms as post mine land use; evaluation and product development of co-product biochar from pyrolysis of biomass to bio-oil industry; recovery of phosphorus as struvite mineral from organic waste-stream and evaluation of struvite as P fertilizer.
Recent publications
Hass A., J.M. Gonzalez, I.M. Lima, H.W. Godwin, J.J. Halvorson, and D.G. Boyer. 2012. Chicken Manure Biochar as Liming and Nutrient Source for acid Appalachian Soil. Journal of Environmental Quality, 41: 1096-1106
Ritchey K.D., L.D. Norton, A. Hass, J. M. Gonzalez, and J.D. Snuffer. 2012. Effects of selected soil conditioners on soil erosion, runoff, and rye growth. Soil and Water Conservation, 67(4): 264-274
Hass A., and W.R. Zobel. 2011.  Using soil E horizon in salvaged topsoil material - effect on soil texture. Soil Use and Management, 27(4): 470–479
Hass A., R.H. Loeppert, M.G. Messina, and T.D. Rogers. 2011. Determination of phosphate in selective extractions for soil iron oxides by the molybdenum blue method in an automated continuance flow injection system. Communications in Soil Science and Plant Analysis, 42(14): 1619-1635
Hass A., M.G. Messina, and T.D. Rogers. 2010. Soil carbon after mid-rotation phosphorus fertilization of loblolly pine (pinus taeda l.) stands of different site drainage characteristics. Soil Science, 175(8): 382-389.
Hass A., and P. Fine. 2010. Sequential selective extraction procedure for heavy metals in soils, sediments, and waste materials – A critical review. Critical Reviews in Environmental Science and Technology, 40(5): 365 – 399.
Dr. AmirHass
Dr. Amir Hass
Assistant Professor for Department of Biology and AERS
Phone: (304) 720-1025
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