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The James C. Wilson University Union is the heart of campus activities and an important link between the University and the surrounding community. As a student employee of the University Union, you play an important role in representing West Virginia State and its programs to our patrons. You are in a unique position to stay informed about events and activities on campus, meet student and administrative leaders and faculty members, influence the direction of student-led programs, shape the quality of student life on campus, and help mold State’s image among those who are visiting and inquiring about our campus.

The University Union Student Employee Program provides for on-campus employment, avenues for professional and personal growth, and vehicles for developing leadership skills among West Virginia State students. It augments classroom learning with intrapersonal skills. Students, as a result, have the opportunity to make greater contributions to the college community and become more responsible citizens.

Diversity Philosophy
To foster an environment that values cultures and lifestyles, the University Union is committed to actively combating bigotry, prejudice, discrimination, harassment, or any other force that seeks to suppress another individual or group.

To this end, it is the philosophy of the University Union that staff should not engage in any type of activity that colludes or perpetuates bigotry, prejudice, discrimination, harassment. Such activity includes, but is not limited to, the use of jokes, insults, gossip, and non-inclusive language aimed at different cultures or lifestyles and any practice of discrimination that affects this philosophy. Further, staff should challenge themselves, all students, and co-workers to be open to and supportive of this philosophy.

Hiring Periods
The University Union holds two major hiring campaigns. Applications are accepted and processed in April for positions beginning in the Fall and in November for positions beginning in the Spring. Summer positions are automatically staffed by current employees
  • Be able to work independently and take initiative.
  • Be able to work with people of diverse backgrounds
  • Be able to communicate ideas clearly, both oral and written
  • Be able to learn quickly
  • Have knowledge
  • Extra income
  • Personal and professional training
  • Convenience of working on campus
  • Flexible scheduling
  • Increased knowledge of University resources
  • Opportunities to network with faculty, staff, and other students
  • Opportunities to work with or meet people of different backgrounds
  • Opportunities to develop leadership skills
  • Lagniappe Awards
  • Employee of the Semester
  • Employee of the Year
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