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Upward Bound

Upward Bound Summer Component

Upward Bound participants attend a six-week residential program on the campus of West Virginia State University during the summer. This summer component is designed to be a more in-depth experience for participants as they will be exposed to academic challenges, cultural experiences, and social activities. Additionally, participants will be staying on campus in the residence halls, supervised by our expert team of tutor-counselors. Completing this aspect of Upward Bound can prepare how students think about their goals, aspirations, and who they want to be. Great success is likely to follow.

The purpose of the summer component is to give students an academic head start on the upcoming school year. Upward Bound uses professional and tenured teachers to provide instruction in history, English, math, and science. Classes reflect similar courses students will be taking in the future. After a rigorous course load, students should be well prepared to succeed in the Fall. Tutoring is also available during the summer component.

The classroom does not consist of just the four walls in a building. For Upward Bound participants, the classroom is borderless. The opportunity to learn spreads out among the world and it is our duty to explore. During the summer, students will travel out of state to a variety of cultural events, such as fascinating museum exhibits, unique theater experiences, successful companies, socially conscious organizations, and upscale restaurants. This is designed to encourage students to expand their own horizons and become “citizens of the world.” Through this level of consciousness, students can compete in a global society.

In Upward Bound, we work hard and we play hard! During our summer component, we have a range of social and recreational activities for students. We offer food nights (banana split, taco in a bag, smoothie, etc.) game nights, dances, and even compete in the statewide Upward Bound Olympic Games Competition. These activities promote fellowship, teamwork, and pride—all qualities that can drive success.


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