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Retention at State Starts with Me...

What an exciting time it is here at West Virginia State University (WVSU) as we work collaboratively to improve student success at our beloved university. Each of us played a critical role in this success, and it is refreshing to know that our best is yet to come.
Our quest for continued growth and success in the areas of retention and student success led us to convene the Retention and Student Success Council (RSSC) at WVSU to help coordinate our retention efforts while promoting student success both in the classroom, and throughout the communities that we serve. With the guidance of the RSSC, we were able to hear from constituents from various areas of the University who provided frank and open feedback related to our various retention efforts. This open dialogue led to many hours pondering how we could capture the collective thoughts of all in a manner that makes it easy to disseminate throughout the University. This led us to create first WVSU Retention Plan which you can review here.
The WVSU Retention Plan consists of seven important components that encompass the thoughts of members of the RSSC, and feedback from the first WVSU Retention Summit held January 30, 2015. The goal of the WVSU Retention Plan is to issue a charge to university constituents, and then provide practical, realistic, and attainable goals for us to pursue as we strive to improve retention and student success at WVSU.
While we feel that this document is a comprehensive overview of where we need to go, we know that we cannot get there without the dedication and support of each person reading it. Thus, we encourage you to use the WVSU Retention Plan as a roadmap that guides your continued efforts to promote retention and student success. 
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