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Welcome to Adult & Commuter Student Services!

Adult & Commuter Student Services (ACSS) assists in the recruitment and retention of adult learners and commuter students. ACSS understands the needs of the non-traditional students attending West Virginia State University. We realize that you are juggling your work and family responsibilities along with trying to reach your educational goals. We are here to help!

Our focus is to provide adult and commuter students with the services and programs that they want and need. We are here to support you in both your academic, personal, and professional lives. Our main goal is to assist in building connections with other adult learners and commuter students.
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Scared of college? Afraid that you won't survive? Do not worry! We have some helpful tips to not only help you survive college, but to help you thrive in college.                                                                                              
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WVSU Current Students Adult and Commuter Services

Adult & Commuter Student Services

104 University Union

(304) 204-4328

Fax (304) 766-3309

Monday - Friday 8:30 A.M. - 5:00 P.M.

104 University Union
PO Box 1000
Institute, WV 25112 - 1000

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