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Private Scholarship Resources

Private scholarships are funds students may apply for through outside entities. These scholarships are not granted or funded  by West Virginia State University.

Listed below are some private scholarship opportunities student may apply for. There are many other private scholarships students may research and apply for on their own.

Some suggested search engines are: www.fastweb.com

Qualifying Scholarships

Monsanto Fund/UNCF 1890s Scholarship Program                                                ASCO Numatics Scholarship                                      

         $10,000 Award                                                                                                       $5000 Award & $1000

 Student Applicant Eligibility Criteria:                                                                      Student Applicant Eligibility Criteria:
  •  African American college sophomore or junior                                                  Entering junior or senior year
  •  Minimum GPA 3.0                                                                                           Minimum GPA 3.2
  • Completed FAFSA                                                                                           Enrolled in qualifying major
  • Have demonstrated unmet financial need                                                           Legal U.S. resident                                                     
  • Enrolled in qualifying major                                                                               Enrolled Full-time
      APPLY ON-LINE AT UNCF.ORG                                                                      APPLY ONLINE AT www.asconumatics.com BY MAY 24

CUSTOM FURNITURE SCHOLARSHIP                                                                CUSTOM JEWELRY SCHOLARSHIP

$1,000 Award                                                                                                                 $1,000 Award

Student Applicant Eligibility Criteria:                                                                        Student Applicant Eligibility Criteria:

     Enrolled in an undergraduate or graduate program                                                       Enrolled in an undergraduate or graduate program
     Submit essay of 1,000 words minimum                                                                        Submit essay of 1,000 words minimum
APPLY ONLINE AT custom furniture sch BY 12/15/2013                                    APPLY ONLINE AT custom jewelry sch BY 12/15/2013

The following is a list of links to additional scholarship resources. Some of the opportunities offered here may apply to your situation, while others may not. It is recommended the you learn more about each organization prior to submitting any forms of applications. 
National Association of Black Journalists (NABJ) Scholarships
The Ron Brown Scholarship Program
Tylenol Future Care Scholars     
National Society of Accountants Scholarships
The Millenium Scholars Program by Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation
Hispanic Scholarship Fund
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