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Budget Efficiency Summit Recommendations

West Virginia State University Budget Efficiency Summit Recommendations

Efficiency 1: Recommendation:  Conduct a comprehensive examination of high-cost energy facilities on campus in order to explore and implement Green initiatives resulting in a reduction of energy consumption and related costs throughout the campus.
Efficiency 2: Recommendation: Create an electronic records database to maximize the sustainability of records and strengthen online activities and abilities for university stakeholders, while decreasing a reliance on traditional paper recordkeeping and associated costs for production and storage.
Efficiency 3: Recommendation: Review available procurement efficiencies through the state contract bidding process to decrease university operating costs and increase the functionality of the university’s procurement infrastructure and associated processes.
Efficiency 4: Recommendation: Perform a university-wide review of departmental-level functions and activities in order to identify areas in which redundancies may be minimized and collaboration maximized through partnerships and/or consolidations.
Efficiency 5: Recommendation: Review potential cost-savings associated with outsourcing university functions with external companies in an effort to enhance the functionality of university operations and maintain the affordability of a world-class education.
Efficiency 6: Recommendation: Assess university growth and diversification with a focus on financial stability and viability, thereby resulting in potential personnel adjustments as needed to ensure greater efficiency and effectiveness of university operations and associated costs.
Efficiency 7: Recommendation: Establish a university-wide model for external partnerships through a Space Utilization Committee, charged with establishing a university-wide rental agreement, usage guidelines and rates, with administrative oversight regarding rental requests that may arise.
Efficiency 8: Recommendation: Improve student retention by aligning university functions with a strong customer-based marketing model. This model may include establishing new processes such as centralized advising and enhanced orientation, thereby strengthening student relationships with faculty and staff - while simultaneously assisting students in connecting with the university early in their academic careers and setting the stage for a deepening relationship throughout their academic pursuits.
Efficiency 9: Recommendation: Conduct a data-focused review of new degree programming opportunities with regard to economic needs and workforce demand within the Kanawha Valley, state and nation.  Also, examine potential growth across inter-disciplinary connections between colleges and cross-list existing courses to reduce redundancies of class offerings, while meeting student academic needs.
Efficiency 10: Recommendation:  Develop a university-wide model for online education that includes researching how traditional course delivery methods may bolster online learning and, ultimately, transform curriculum into a concise, effective and user-friendly online learning platform.
Efficiency 11: Recommendation: Review internal policies and procedures to reduce barriers, thereby improving the university’s ability to quickly and efficiently adapt to changing student needs.
Efficiency 12: Recommendation: Conduct an all-encompassing evaluation of the university’s registration system resulting in a streamlined process that may alleviate unnecessary student burdens and redundancies.
Efficiency 13: Recommendation: Conduct a thorough review of class schedules for undergraduate and master’s degree course offerings to improve accessibility for non-traditional students in an effort to grow enrollment for adult learners.
Efficiency 14: Recommendation: Conduct a systematic review of the summer academic schedule with the intent of creating a more robust schedule, thereby encouraging faculty to explore various non-traditional calendar options outside of the standard nine-month contract period.
Efficiency 15: Recommendation: Develop a fully integrated marketing communications plan to create and disseminate a bold and innovative university brand that resonates and motivates current and future university stakeholders.
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