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West Virginia Board of Social Work Examiners: www.wvsocialworkboard.org

National Association of Social Workers—West Virginia Chapter: www.naswwv.org

National Association of Social Workers: www.socialworkers.org

Council on Social Work Education: www.cswe.org

WVU MSW Program link: http://sw.as.wvu.edu/academics/master/index.php

WVDHHR Employment link: http://www.state.wv.us/admin/personnel

Social Worker Code of Ethics: http://www.socialworkers.org/pubs/code/code.asp

Social Worker Jobs in West Virginia: http://www.indeed.com


(Outline of Links to other pages on this web site. Click "Student Handbook" link to access desired information.)

Student Handbook Table of contents, p. 12.

Student Handbook, pp. 13-23.

Program Objectives/Accreditation, p. 14.

Career Information, p. 15.

Curriculum, p. 18.

Graduation Requirements/Advising, p. 20.

Field Instruction, p. 21.

Student Organizations/Student Rights, p. 22.

Student Stipends/Student Scholarships, p. 23.

Termination From The Program, p. 23.

Student Field Placement Memo of Understanding, p. 25.

Social Work Course Descriptions, p. 27

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