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Mission of the Program 

One of the most important questions a student will ask themselves consists of why they have chosen their major. This page can help facilitate in answering that question for those that have decided on or are considering Political Science. 

A Political Science Degree from West Virginia State University provides a strong, broadly-based liberal arts education. Students develop critical skills, including the ability to analyze complex social problems, to evaluate concepts of political thought, to collect and consider information of political phenomena, and to apply this information in the context of local, regional, national, and international politics.

Careers in Political Science

The knowledge a student gains from studying political science prepares them for professional employment. Moreover, they learn how to be an informed and enlightened citizen, a citizen who is prepared for engagement with their communities and government. Our graduates presently hold elective offices, work in state and local governments, academic research, and nonprofit organizations. Others work in the area of law, business, and media. Some teach in schools and in higher education.

The American Political Science Association has many resources for those that are interested in pursuing political science as a major, particularly the career paths one can take with a degree in political science.

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