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Herdon Fellowship and Frasure-Singleton Internship

The internship potentialities are vast for graduates of the Political Science program, particularly given WVSU’s proximity to the WV State Capital.

The Political Science department can assist you in applying for the chance to intern at the WV State Legislature. There is no better way to fully understand political science than to see it manifested in the real world. Participating in the Legislative internship will allow you to view the policy process in action, to comprehend how legislation is actually accomplished. We maintain that you will obtain a comprehensive understanding of government, simply by participating in it. Particularly, you will gain more knowledge of the full interaction between the educational system and the state government. Such an internship will facilitate in WVSU's Land Grant Mission, namely, serving the public.

From a selected list, the most pertinent internships in state government consist of the Herdon Fellowship and Frasure-Singleton Intership. These fellowships and internships expose students and allow them to participate in the Legislature; they can view the policy process in action.

From the WV State Legislature's Website:

Judith A. Herndon Fellowship

Undergraduates are selected to participate in the 60-day session as Herndon Fellows and are assigned to assist a sole legislator from either the Senate of the House of Delegates.

The interns are required to perform research and various staff functions. Among other job-related responsibilities, participants are introduced to and develop an understanding of the politics of legislation, legislative research, bill drafting, the role and function of committees and the executive-legislative liaison.


Number of positions:10Full-time undergraduate students of all majors and disciplines from both public and private institutions of higher learning in West Virginia.

  • Completed 60 undergraduate hours

  • Achieved grade point average sufficient for admission into the degree program

  • Completed course in political science or extensive public affairs experience

Frasure-Singleton Internship

Undergraduate students are selected to assist a specific senator or delegate for one week during the regular 60 day session.

Participants are assigned to a legislator who assists in explaining the legislative process. They attend committee meetings and public hearings where legislation and issues are extensively discussed. They sit on the floor during daily sessions surrounded by legislators determining the fate of legislation. They aid legislators with issue research, constituent requests and other legislative tasks.


Number of positions: 51
(25 per week of a two-week period during mid-session of the Legislature)

  • Full-time sophomores, juniors and seniors of all majors and disciplines from two and four year, public and private institutions of higher learning

  • In good academic standing with (at least) one course in government

  • GPA is taken into consideration

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